Knoxville Knobslob Chases Down Lesbian Woman He Tried Converting Straight With Song, Films Himself Telling Police Most Women Like Rape Fantasies, Gets Arrested


This is Jacob Yerkes from Knoxville, TN.

Like Joe Orga from the New Hampshire Libertarian party, he’s a First Amendment auditor who goes around filming the police on his YouTube channel.

But he’s also a ticking time bomb who’s probably going to eventually rape and kill a woman. Last week he was rejected by a lesbian coworker at the Cracker Barrel, where he used to work, and was attempting to convert to heterosexuality. Because why scissor when you can ride this stallion’s bologna pony?

Cock beats scissors.

She rejected him, he began chasing her in his car, and then her father called and threatened him to stay away. So what did he do? Filmed himself auditing the Knoxville Police Department to report the father of the lesbian he was stalking in a failed attempt to convert her to Team Dong.

The most remarkable part about that video is that he thought his complaints were reasonable and would be taken seriously by the police. He thought his behavior was perfectly normal, and a standard part of the courtship process.

“I was going to play a song for a woman that I kind of like and I got there and she saw me and she pulled away. I wasn’t forcing her to listen, ya know, give her her own choice if she wanted to be with me.”

“I pulled up next to her and she pulled away from me. So I chased her for a bit. Just because, I dunno, women are crazy. She wanted me to chase her.”

Cop :”Don’t you think chasing someone is crazy?”

“Well I had my song playing and she didn’t wanna hear it.”

If only she had stuck around to hear the song. She’d be ditching the Maura Healey Mafia and jumping on his Tennessee tuna torpedo in a split second if she heard this.

“Her father called me up and he made threats to my life.”

Cop: “For chasing his daughter?”

“Yea but it wasn’t chasing. It was like going down a couple streets. That’s like fun to women. Women like that, a little bit of excitement.”

Cop: “No they don’t. If I was a father I’d do the same thing.”

“What about BDSM porn where women like to have rape fantasies? Most women like rape fantasies.”

What’s scary is he 100% believes this. I’m not anti-porn or anything, but I definitely think it’s not healthy for a lot of men, and this is why. They think it’s real life.

He really wanted to play her that song though.

“This was one song I made and this was the final chance I was gonna have.”

Cop: “It’s over, leave her alone.”

“She needs to have her own free will. I’m a man and I have needs myself. I think she should go do porn.”

He would rape this woman in a heartbeat and see nothing wrong with it, because he’s watched so much porn. When you think about it, 99% of porn revolves around men because it’s marketed with us in mind. The scene is over after the man cums, not the woman. Women are just objects used to get the dude to throw choad nectar on their face. Most of us can watch it and understand that it’s not real, and that the people you’re watching are actors and actresses with bad heroin addictions and no souls. But clearly the Knoxville Knobslob can’t.

I’ve made this comparison before, and I’ll make it again – I partly blame Steve Urkel. We all grew up watching him get rejected by Laura Winslow over and over again. We watched him sabotage dates she had with guys she actually was interested in. He stalked her relentlessly and she was nice enough to still treat him with decency. And he was the protagonist!

But at least Laura Winslow was into dudes. This guy was fighting an uphill battle to begin with, and he was banking on his future stardom as a DJ to get in her pants.

“I don’t think she had a reasonable opportunity to make a choice because I’m gonna blow up and be a famous DJ.”

In fairness, no profession on earth has as many creepy dudes per capita as DJ’s.

He was apparently upset with the cops who didn’t think it was a good idea for him to force her to go to his conversion therapy camp.

“You know what happens when women don’t come to terms with themselves? Bad things happen. The cops want to deny me trying to get her straight.”

Yea, he’s definitely going to kill someone. It’s inevitable.

The woman ended up getting an order on her, and he filmed himself being served while attempting to justify what he did.

“Have you ever heard the song Baby It’s Cold Outside? She’s saying no, I’m saying yes, and they’re playing this game.”

It’s like he’s trying to get that song cancelled.

His Twitter posts are even more insane. Earlier in the week he vowed to never surrender because he’s too masculine.

He wants to rape and pillage, but he can’t because every woman wants to have sex with him, which makes rape impossible.

He blames feminists for creating the culture where they get raped.

And he’s done this to other women before.

It’s amazing he hasn’t raped anyone yet. It’s only a matter of time.

After his videos went viral they were removed by YouTube and he was arrested by the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, and had previously made threats of violence against her.

I can’t find any social media besides his Twitter now, so I don’t know much about his life. But either he was raised wrong, or he’s an incel who got radicalized by rape porn and 4Chan. The crazy part is that the only reason he ended up getting arrested is because the video he posted of himself went viral. He truly believed that it didn’t make him look bad, which shows how dangerous he actually is.


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