Latina Woman Running Worcester Board Of Health Accused Of Racism, Told To Resign By Board Members For Not Letting Drug Addicts Sit On Police Review Board


I don’t normally write about small town board of health issues, but what’s happening in Worcester right now with their board of health is emblematic of a much larger fight that’s going on nationwide. In June the five member board of health voted to issue the Worcester Police a list of demands that have nothing to do with public health and everything to do with the anti-law enforcement BLM agenda. Here was their list of demands.

  1. Acknowledge that racist/bigoted viewpoints and structural racism are pervasive in society and in all institutions, even among police departments.
  2. Adopt Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and establish a statewide POST system to certify police officers and enable decertification of misconduct and abuse.
  3. Commit to urgently develop a comprehensive plan to identify (i.e. through previous actions, social media, background check etc.) those police officers that may possess racist/bigoted viewpoints.
  4. Once officers who may possess racist/bigoted views, commit to educate and retrain them and if necessary dismiss officers who posses those views.
  5. Be immediately and continuously transparent and fair in the investigation of police officers who have been accused of police misconduct/brutality.
  6. Commit to working with newly established community police misconduct review board. Establish a community police misconduct review board staffed by Worcester residents; the board must include people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, youth, low-income people, the homeless, and people who have experienced mental health issues and addiction
  7. Every police officer should be required to attend anti-racist/anti-bigoted workshops at least twice a year while also reading/viewing information that is geared toward improving and understanding communities.
  8. Commit to developing healthy and non-violent relationships with all members of the Black community and other members of communities that have a history of suffering police brutality and misconduct.
  9. Adopt clear and statutory limits on police use of force, including chokeholds and other tactics known to have deadly consequences. Require independent investigation of officer-related deaths. Require data collection and reporting on race regarding all arrests and police use of force by every department.
  10. Adopt Civil Service Exam review, establish guidelines and review for diversity plans and create a peace officer exam advisory board.
  11. Commit to providing training on and implementation of internal and external deescalation resources.
  12. Establish a consistent periodic schedule to update the members of the Board of Health and the Worcester Community on the progress of the efforts of the recommendations.

You’re the board of health. You make sure restaurants don’t give me E Coli. It’s not your job to fix racism in the police department, you don’t have the ability to fix it if it did exist, and so perhaps you should just shut up and earn your stipend.

“Cops who may possess racist viewpoints” is an Orwellian form of censorship. Of course the woke committee will decide what racism is, which is everything they don’t agree with, and all police officers who have the wrong opinions must commit to re-education in order to agree with everything BLM says.

Citizen review boards for a job that the citizens have no training or experience in is just stupid. Do we have those for doctors, teachers, or even judges? Nope. They just want them for cops because these people hate cops. And if there was a review board, why would we put homeless people, children, the BLT-123 community, and junkies on it? I’m sure their grievances are legit.

The “anti-racism workshops” are just cash cows for frauds who make huge profit off of the racism-industrial complex. Never in the history of man kind has an anti-racism or diversity workshop helped stop the spread of racism. They are a joke and the people who teach them are unemployable in any other field.

Luckily the WPD already has a non-violent relationship with the black community. The only people they have to get “violent” with are criminals who resist arrest.

The only member of the 5 person board who didn’t vote for this was chairman Edith Claros, an immigrant from Colombia.  But she doesn’t fall high enough on the victim scale, as members David Fort and Chareese Allen are black. To prove their point they shared unverified anecdotes about how oppressed they are.

A member of the Board of Public Health in Worcester, David Fort, described a Worcester police officer pulling a gun on him when he was 14 years old while his three white friends watched.

Just last year, he said an officer told him “Get the hell out of here,” after he tried to report a truck, touting Confederate flags, rammed into several vehicles.

Poor bootleg Virgil here has a tall tale about having a gun pulled on him by a cop for absolutely no reason decades ago, and another made up story about a cop who told him to get out of his face after a rampaging maniac in a confederate flag truck went around playing bumper cars on public roads. Must be legit.

Also, he experienced racial profiling, but you’ll never understand it if you’re not black.

Just believe him and sign up for his friend’s taxpayer funded diversity training.

Another board member, Chareese Allen, described a situation where she was pulled over “for no reason, I had done nothing wrong.” When she looked in her side mirror, she saw the officer approach the car with a hand on their gun.

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