Latino Fitchburg Man Says He Was Discriminated For Being Black At Restaurant After Leaving Crack Rock On Table, Nodding Off Into Hash Browns


This is Bebo Pabon from Fitchburg.

This charming looking blowfish covered in cash face tattoos and overgrown public hair that is often mistaken for a pin cushion, alleged on Facebook that he was discriminated against because of his race while out to eat in Fitchburg.

That is a Fitchburg manifesto if I’ve ever seen one. I LOVE WHEN THE SWITCH FROM ALL CAPS TO Capitalizing The First Letter Then back to normal while only using exclamation points for punctuation!!! Makes it sound so much more real. I had to read it a few times to understand what he was saying though.

“Mind me they were Doing nothing But smoking cigarette.”

I believe the phrase he was looking for was, “mind you,” which is just so Fitchburg it hurts.

I’ve never been to this diner before, but apparently YOU “WELL” Be discriminated “THEIR” if you look like you just got stung by a hive full of bees that just relapsed on oxycotin.

According to Crackrock Carlos he went to the Summer Street Cafe with two friends, they went out to smoke a cigarette, got harassed for no reason, went back inside, the waitress served them, they ate their food, and then the police came and kicked them out because #blacklivesmatter, even though he’s clearly not black.

I think I believe him. His mastery of the English language and his pleasant looking demeanor makes him a credible witness in my eyes.

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Plus, he’s reppin his boi who got put away but dindu nuffin and thus needs to be freed.

It’s not like the guy goes around threatening people on Facebook not to “start the heat” if they roll up on Hilltop.

(The last guy who had beef with Hilltop was Negan, and he ended up in jail. Just sayin)

His post accusing this small business of racism was shared hundreds of times before he took it down last night, but I screenshotted some of his responses, and they were glorious. For starters, he insisted that he “payed” for his food after being kicked out of the restaurant for smoking a cigarette outside.

But according to other witnesses there was a lot more to the story.

Oh good, they left the crack rock on the table while eating. This is not the face of a man who puts crack rock in his pocket while eating.

Then his waitress came forward and confirmed the story.

How dare this diner discriminate against crackheads! Crackhead lives matter! Can’t a couple crackheads get high in front of other customers, nod off into some hash browns, and leave a crack rock on the table in full display without being harassed by the police?

For what it’s worth, Officer McCall is black, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Guttermuppet is not. But he ended his post about discrimination with #blacklivesmatter anyway, because he knows that if you do that you’ll get hundreds of blind shares, especially if the owner of the restaurant is white.

Even though he got called out for being a slugpump Crackrock Carlos kept demanding to see the surveillance tape, as if that would exonerate him.

If only they would’ve searched him so he “would’ve proofed a point.” Then you’d all feel very silly. Perhaps Bebo would like to proof his point on the live show with me so he can explain why this was all a big misunderstanding. Hit me up on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson if you’re interested Bebo.


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