Lawrence Mom Films Herself Refusing To Hand Over Kids To DCF Workers, Posts Video On Facebook For Likes And Shares

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This is Kiya Delacruz from Lawrence.

She reproduced as a 15 year old, which is what they call a late bloomer in Lawrence, but she clearly wasn’t ready to have a baby. Nevertheless, she elected to fire out two more raw dog trophies because planning for the future and being responsible is overrated.

Unfortunately for her the part where you have to take care of the kids and raise them wasn’t nearly as easy as getting stuffed crust from whatever guy with a flat brimmed hat and a chinstrap took her to poundtown in the back of an 06 Honda Civic that week, and she has lost custody of all of them. In the ultimate ratchet fashion she filmed herself earlier in the week refusing to hand over the kids at the DCF office after her monthly visit with them because her daughter says the foster family is mean to her. Watch how she escalated the situation and caused the kids to cry as DCF workers threatened to call the cops on her.

It says a lot that her kids are older and DCF is still putting them in foster homes. They only do that under extreme circumstances because the kids are too old and too troubled to adopt out. It also says a lot that her semen demons don’t have a Dad or a home, but they all have a fresh pair of Jordans.

Everything I needed to know about this Tunaflap Tortilla can be gleaned from the fact that she thought filming this and uploading to Facebook was a good idea, and that her children feel so comfortable talking back to and demeaning adults.

“My daughter’s not going with you.”

Yes, actually she is. Because you were a failure as a parent.


Tunaflap Tortilla: “Do you feel comfortable going with her?”

Daughter: “I don’t know her she’s a stranger.”

Yes dear, unfortunately your mother’s personal shortcomings have resulted in you having to be cared for by strangers. Your comfortability doesn’t really matter anymore, and it’s all your mother’s fault.

Mom: “When the cops comes I’ll move and I’ll let go of my daughter.”

Oh good, that should help you get custody back.

The daughter at one point says she’s going to run away if she has to go back to the foster home, which is sad. At that point a responsible adult would tell her that it’s going to be OK, and urge her to stay there and be respectful of the people who are taking care of her. But instead of doing that the Tunaflap Tortilla urged the child to resist and then blamed DCF for the scene that was being caused.

“This is what you guys cause.”

No, this is what you caused. DCF and foster parents wouldn’t have a need to exist were it not for spectacular failures like you who can’t stop getting pregnant.

Her disobedient son followed his egg donor’s lead.

“You’re making her more mad. Leave her alone.”

Sorry son, but they can’t leave her alone. They have no choice but to take her because your mother can’t do the basic things needed to maintain custody.

DCF tries to calm down the crying girl and speak to her privately, but Mom wasn’t having it:

DCF worker: “We can go inside and talk.”

Tunaflap Tortilla: “And you guys can also stay here until the police comes, that’s totally within you guys’s rights.”

Yea, you guys could go into a quiet room and talk to a professional about your concerns, but then you won’t learn how to cause a scene and stand up for you guys’s rights to be a ratchet like Mom.

This was ironic from the Tunaflap Tortilla:

“There goes DCF yet again not following through.”

You lost custody of your children. You’re the last person in the world who should lecture others about not following through.

DCF Worker: “I’m trying to avoid more trauma for the kids.”

Tunaflap Tortilla: “Really, how so?”

Probably by not provoking a scene with the police for Tik Tok likes. .

DCF Worker: “We can talk about your questions and I can answer them for you but not in front of the kids. Parental rights were terminated.”

Tunaflap Tortilla: “No they actually haven’t. Where’s the appeal?”

Oh, OK. Parental rights were terminated, but she appealed it, therefore they weren’t terminated. Thank you for clarifying ma’am.

“The kids are getting ramped up because you’re coworkers wanna mention police because I’m out of pocket, which I don’t see how. I’m being very calm, I’m just being verbal, which is well within my rights I have the freedom of speech.”

They’re mentioning police because you’re refusing to hand the children over, and they’re probably used to dealing with trashbags like you who have a tendency to escalate. You’re being the opposite of calm, and as a result your children are crying and causing a scene. But congrats on having the right to act like this.

At the 4 minute mark you can see what a truly awful mother she is.

DCF Worker:  “This is the problem.”

Semen Demon:  “What, you?”

(Mom laughs)

A parent who understood how to be a parent would reprimand their child for being disrespectful towards an adult. The Tunaflap Tortilla laughs. That says it all really.

Finally around the 5:35 mark you can see how it’s basically too late for her daughter when she starts talking about the DCF workers:

“She’s the worst. She’s sent from the devil. These two are sent from the devil.”

No, they’re sent from the state actually, and your mother is the worst.

The Tunaflap Tortilla posted an explanation with the video on Facebook too.

TL;DR – She had two kids by the time she was 17 and wasn’t going to school or working so DCF became involved in her life. She ended up having a third and got kicked out of a shelter so she handed over custody of her 3 kids to DCF thinking it would just be for a few months. Her youngest son (the one in the Jordans who was mouthing off to the DCF worker) has to go to a behavioral school in Worcester because he mouths off to teachers “when he’s being treated differently. This is code for “I raised my brat to argue with adults whenever he feels aggrieved.” He was so bad in school that she had to constantly leave work to come pick him up, but she had no job and couldn’t afford the Uber fees. So she did what every trap queen does when they need a job – put on a pair of scrubs and called herself a CNA. But then she tried bringing the devil child to work with her, which wasn’t allowed, so now she lost him again.

She insists that her kids belong with her, even though she clearly has displayed that she has no idea how to be a mother.


Yea, well they needed a responsible mother. Not everyone gets what they need.

But the post had its intended effect and was shared hundreds of times by ratchet DCF Moms, all of whom agreed that she was a great mother and DCF was the real bad guy here.

LOL. The judge in probate court “handled my criminal cases back in the day.” That’s just perfect.

As for the haters, she didn’t abandon her kids, she just gave them up. And she’s actually a great Mom, even ask her.

Meanwhile, what’s she been doing to get her kids back since? Mostly complaining about how she’s been told her daughter is being treated and talking about how she wants to get flipped over like pancake.


Maybe if she spent more time taking it in the fartbox she wouldn’t have to worry about DCF or “sperm donors.”


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