Lawrence Mother Who Left Baby In Running Car Stolen By Methuen Junkies Is Almost As Bad As They Are


This is Adam Macksou from Lawrence and his girlfriend from Methuen Jamie Garritty.

Earlier in the week PCP Paulie went down to the Dollar Store in Lawrence to do a little shoplifting. Luckily for him his day was made when he saw a running care with the keys in the ignition parked outside. Because for some reason someone thought this was a smart thing to do in Lawrence, which has a higher crime rate than most third world countries. Unfortunately for him he found out after he stole it that there was a baby in the backseat so he got together with Crystal Methuen and they ditched the little girl at a hospital.

A Methuen man who stole a Honda SUV with a toddler in the back seat tried to leave the child with relatives and friends, police said, before ultimately dropping the girl off at Lawrence General Hospital. Adam Maksou, 36, also recruited his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jamie (O’Neil) Garrity, 35, to help him with the 22-month-old girl Monday night, according to a police report. Maksou said he was first walking to the nearby Family Dollar store on Broadway “to shoplift” when he found a running, 2011 Honda Pilot. Police said he admitted “he stole the Honda not knowing that a child was inside.”

“Mr. Maksou stated, ‘My life ended when I realized there was a kid in the car,’” according to a police report.

Police on Monday night spoke with a relative of Maksou’s who lives on Trenton Street in Methuen. Maksou pulled into the man’s driveway in the stolen Honda with the two-year-old inside. The relative immediately told him “to take the baby back where he got it or to the fire station.” The relative also said he was calling police.

Maksou also told police he drove, with the child, to College Lane in Methuen where Garrity’s relatives live thinking they could help him, according to a report. But a woman there told Maksou “to get the kid out of the house or she would call police.”

By this time, he had picked up Garrity and with her driving, the duo went to Lawrence General Hospital where Maksou “left the child inside the ER and walked out.” He told police “he asked a Spanish lady to watch his child while he parked his car and left,” according to a police report. After leaving LGH, Maksou and Garrity were arrested on Interstate 495 south in Berlin, Massachusetts a short time later and charged with kidnapping, larceny of a motor vehicle and receiving a motor vehicle. Maksou was additionally charged with child endangerment and authorities said Garrity gave police a false name at the time of her arrest and at booking, which could result in an additional criminal charge.

An Amber Alert for the missing child was issued Monday night after the girl’s mother reported her Honda Pilot stolen with the girl inside around 8 p.m. Following a tense search that involved local and state police, authorities also filed a report with the state Department of Children and Families regarding the child’s mother. It is unclear from police reports how long the child was left alone in the running vehicle. The mother told police she had parked in the area to take her son to a nearby barber shop.

Garrity’s bail was set at $10,000 but she also was found to have three outstanding warrants.

Before we get into Bonnie and Chlamydia here, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the baby’s mother is almost equally responsible as they are. You’re in the highest crime city in Massachusetts, filled with junkies and ratchets looking to steal anything they can trade in for more crack, and you left your baby alone in a running car? She didn’t go inside the Dollar Store to get something quick either. She brought her son to a barber shop to get a God damn haircut! You should bow your head in shame and possibly lose your kids for being that neglectful.

This would never happen to me, but if it did, the last thing I’d do is go on Facebook and defend my parenting skills, because at least no one knew who the parents were at that point. Not this poor kid’s parents though. Dad defended his wife’s honor all over the Facebook machine.

Actually, she brought your son in to a barber shop while the car was running. Instead of worrying what random people are saying about your shitty parenting skills online, maybe worry more about protecting your children from vagrants and criminals.

Anyway, a quick look at Crysal Methuen’s Facebook page shows us that she has a history of robbing stores and then immediately selling the merchandise with the price tags still on them for half price on Facebook.

The newspaper described PCP Paulie as Crystal Methuen’s “on again off again boyfriend,” but a month ago she was expressing her undying love for him, while stating that “no one can ever say anything bad about you.”

I can think of a couple bad things though. Like the fact that a typical Monday involves going to the Dollar Store looking to do some light shoplifting, and stealing a car with an infant inside. The fact that the family friends he ran to with the child told him they were calling the cops tells you everything you need to know about just how many bad things you can actually say about him. His Google trophies for OUI drugs, being a fugitive from justice, and repeated probation violations are definitely bad things as well.

Then again, in comparison to her he’s a lightweight. Crystal Methuen’s record is twice as long, and she had active warrants on her for violating her probation on two cases, including an arrest for being passed out driving her car while under the influence of fentanyl.

Of course on court day she did what she did on most of her scheduled piss test days – got high, blew PCP Paulie, and defaulted.

Then again I could just look at the comments on his Facebook page the last time one of his buddies got stabbed in order to figure out what kind of person he is.

“Kid was a piece of garbage like u.”

I guess people do have bad things to say about Adam Macksou after all.

P.S. How’d you like to work at this hospital in Lawrence? People just drop off stray babies and overdosed teenagers there like it’s just your average Tuesday.


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