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Lawrence Women: Carlos “Mago” Rivera Has Been Giving Teen Girls Alcohol And Drugs For Years Before Killing Chloe Ricard


For MVTB’s unfiltered take on this story click here to read it on TBS.

Forty-seven year old Carlos Rivera was arraigned and held without bail today in Lawrence Courthouse for his role in the death of 13 year old Amesbury girl Chloe Ricard, who he dropped off dead at the hospital last Monday afternoon. He is being charged with two counts of giving drugs to a minor, one count of indecent assault and battery on a child under the age of 14, and one count of indecent assault and battery on a person over the age of 14. Thus far much of our coverage has been focused on the home life of Chloe Ricard, but we haven’t delved into the actual person who killed her. That changes now.

On Facebook, and around town, Carlos Rivera goes by Mago Rivera. And according to his Facebook page he has a young son.

Which makes his abuse of young girls even more vile.

He has posted images of him, with what appear to be underage girls, driving around and making sexually suggestive gestures.

At TB Daily News we pride ourselves in finding out the story behind the story, and we do this by listening to voices in the community. In 2019 this means reading Facebook posts about Mago Rivera from people who knew him in Lawrence. And according to many in the community his arrest was not surprising based on their interactions with him.

He’s evidently been doing this for years now.


Some describe him as a sugar daddy, who bought underage girls alcohol, drugs, and even underwear.

Notice one of the women faults girls who fall under his spell for a lack of “home training.” This speaks volumes about he home Brian Dolan provided for Chloe Ricard. If you’re being lectured by a woman named Henny from Lawrence about your lack of parenting skills, you know you’ve completely failed in that regard.

Many have asked if Carlos “Mago” Rivera is here illegally, given the high profile cases that have made the news of violent crimes committed by undocumented/illegal immigrants. However, according to Henny Montana, Rivera is the “Puerto Rican R Kelly.”

And since Puerto Ricans are American citizens this would mean he’s not here illegally if that’s true. However, it’s no secret that many people who come here illegally from the Dominican Republic do so by going through Puerto Rico, getting documents, and jumping on a plane to the United States, so time will tell.

As for Brian Dolan, this recent interview he did is alarming because of how blatantly inauthentic his grief is. At around the 13 second mark he begins “crying,” only to abruptly and completely regain his composure as the 22 second mark.

Now compare that to his tone at the 40:15 mark of the interview we did with him on Saturday night.

The media of course doesn’t ask tough questions like we do, so he doesn’t threaten to kill them. They’re more concerned with what he was wearing in court today and how sad he was, because two grieving parents is a better story for them than the reality.

They also continue to spread his lies.

All these “parents” do is lie. Brian Dolan told us on the podcast at the 55:25 mark that Chloe and a friend slept at his house both Friday and Saturday night before Chloe went to her house on Sunday afternoon. She died on Monday. That’s not three days, it’s one day.

Anyway, I went on the Kuhner Report this morning to talk about the interview since he seems to be the only one in town interested in hearing about these facts. Audio below.


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