Lawyer For Violent Felon Who Threw State Trooper Into Oncoming Highway Traffic And Tried To Steal His Gun Says He Had No Choice Due To “Potential For Police Violence”


Over the weekend a 29 year old man from Dorchester named Devin Fuller nearly killed a state trooper after leading him on multiple high speed chases in Randolph and Stoughton.

The Trooper could’ve shot this dangerous criminal during any of the following times:

  • when he was first assaulted
  • when he reached for the center console
  • when he was tackled outside the car in the breakdown lane
  • when he was lying down on the ground before getting up and being thrown into oncoming traffic
  • when Fuller reached for his gun
  • when Fuller got back into his car and went in reverse
  • when he drove by them at 140 mph

Yet he didn’t. Instead the trooper “attempted to control Fuller and his assaultive actions” and nearly got himself and an innocent person killed who had to swerve in order to avoid him on the highway.

Fuller’s free lawyer Moya Gibson is of course blaming the cops, because being a black man now gives you the right to not listen to police officers during stops due to the fact that cops are blood thirsty racists who kill innocent black men for sport.

In court, Fuller’s lawyer, Moya Gibson, argued that “there are always two sides to every story.”

Gibson said that her client was “afraid for his safety” and asked the trooper to call another trooper to the scene, so there would be another law enforcement officer to watch what was happening.

“He was very concerned about the aggressive nature of the trooper,” Gibson said, noting the trooper had initiated contact. “He was concerned about the potential for violence.”

She said the fear of being alone with the trooper was why Fuller didn’t want to leave his car. She said he also didn’t know his license was suspended.

Gibson said the car didn’t belong to Fuller and he also didn’t know about the drugs. 

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Oh, I see. The guy driving 140 mph on the highway who wrestled a cop into oncoming traffic feared for his safety. He has the right to demand that more than one trooper come to every stop he’s involved in so he can have witnesses. He’s entitled to that after all because he’s black. The trooper could’ve gotten violent, therefore he had no choice but to punch him and throw him 15 feet onto a highway before trying to steal his gun. Oh, and he somehow didn’t know his license was suspended and didn’t know there were drugs in the car because criminals like this always dindu nuffin.

Funny, because in 2016 he was involved in a very similar incident in Boston in which he refused to exit his vehicle, but that time he also had a gun on him.

At about 8:30 PM on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, members of the Youth Violence Strike Force made an onsite arrest for firearm related charges in the area of Blue Hill Avenue and Vesta Road. Officers were performing surveillance on a particular car in an ongoing firearm investigation, when they observed the suspect vehicle commit several traffic violations on Blue Hill Avenue. Officers conducted a stop of the vehicle and attempted to speak with the operator, 25-year-old Devin Fuller of Dorchester. The officers were met with verbal resistance from Fuller, and he initially refused to comply with their requests for his driver’s license and registration and to remove the keys from the ignition. When officers requested Fuller to exit the vehicle, Fuller attempted to place the keys back in the ignition. When officers ultimately removed Fuller from the car, and after much physical resistance, officers uncovered a loaded Smith & Wesson MP9 firearm from Fuller’s waistband, as well as one plastic bag of marijuana and over $600 in currency. Fuller was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawfully Carrying a Loaded Firearm, and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D Drugs.

Almost like it’s a pattern for this man. Good thing he wasn’t in jail after that offense though. Sending black men to prison is racist, which is why BLM wants to abolish prisons.

Thanks to Governor Baker and every state rep and senator who voted to pass the “police reform” bill in reaction to a rogue cop in Minnesota killing a man who overdosed on fentanyl, police officers and state troopers can no longer protect themselves or the public from dangerous criminals like this.

The new law identifies the general circumstances under which police officers can use physical force, and specifically bans the use of chokeholds and prohibits firing into a fleeing vehicle unless doing so is both necessary to prevent imminent harm and proportionate to that risk of harm. 

The trooper could’ve tried to put him in a chokehold, but you can’t do that anymore because the violent felon might not be able to breathe. He could’ve shot the car as it fled in reverse, or when it came barreling down the highway at 140 mph, but cops are no longer allowed to shoot at fleeing vehicles. Instead they have to wait until the criminal decides it’s time to go to jail before they can actually put him in handcuffs.

We never needed police reform in this state, we need criminal reform. Fuller was already out on bail on a separate case, but clearly had no intention of obeying the law since he was driving around with car full of drugs on a suspended license due to the fact that he was a dangerous threat. That only happens in a system in which criminals know that there are no consequences for their actions. In reality people should have some degree of fear of the police if they are doing something wrong. But they don’t.

The fact of the matter is that there was never an epidemic of police brutality in Massachusetts, but there are many examples of violent offenders like this nearly killing cops. A month ago a state trooper was shot in Springfield, and a month before that another state trooper was shot in Hyannis. Cops have been getting attacked well before George Floyd and it’s going to happen a lot more now because we allowed BLM to control the narrative, and nobody pointed out the truth – there is no epidemic of black men being killed by police in this country. It’s all made up. But instead of addressing the real problem we passed police reform.

BLM won the day because they showed up, protested, and got backing from tech companies, the mainstream media, and every major corporation in the United States. When a career criminal gets let out of jail and goes onto to hurt someone, or kills a cop, there is only online outrage. There are no people in the streets demanding reform. Until we start using their tactics to achieve our ends this will keep happening.


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