Poor Behavior

Leicester High School Foreign Language Department Head Appears Heavily Inebriated During School Committee Meeting While Drinking Wine, Smoking Cigarette


Kelley Southwick is a Holy Cross graduate and the lead foreign language teacher for the foreign language department at Leicester High School.

#OnlyWhenItsSafe might be the greatest marketing slogan since “black lives matter.” It makes it sound like they actually have some intention of going back to work, and that their primary concern is the health of students and teachers. At first it meant new ventilation systems, then it meant a reduction in cases, then it meant when every single teacher had to be vaccinated, and once they’re all vaccinated it will be whining about new strains, the vaccine not being effective, or a lack of plexiglass barriers between every child at lunch. When you always pretend that you’re “unsafe” you’ll never have to go back to work.

Last week the Leicester School Committee held a meeting about the new plan to reopen schools and Kelley Southwick decided to call in and share her thoughts in the most Leicester way possible.

Always a good idea by starting off your white woman white wine rant by addressing the School Board head as “hun.”

“I’ll go now hun”

Because treating a School Committee meeting like it’s a Thursday night at Barber’s Crossing is a great way to show that you’re serious about public education. So is pounding a glass of pinot grigio, and then lighting up and ripping a butt before awkwardly sticking around to blow smoke circles after your time has expired.

“Not until it’s safe” = I prefer working from home so I can rip butts on Zoom all day in my pajamas.

This was the summation of whatever point she was trying to make:

“Mr Lotter will be here with me and so won’t superintendent, umm….we have a program, um, summer school. Kids fail, ya know, they come to summer school, they try to regrain credits, etcetera, etcetra”

Superintendent what’s his face? Yea, he’ll be there at the program. Ya know, that summer school thing where the kids try to “regrain” their credits, in case a boll weevil ate the last grain crop. Etcetera, etcetera.

With teachers like this representing the faculty at School Committee meetings we are really setting the bar high for public education. Your kids are certainly in great hands, and I can’t imagine why any of them would need to go to summer school.


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