Leominster Liquor Store Employee Without Mask On Assaults Customers For Not Wearing Masks While Antagonizing Him


An coronabro employee at One Stop Liquors in Leominster was confronted by two men who refused to wear masks in the store yesterday and reacted in the way that a coronabro knows how – by hopping over the counter and assaulting them while ironically not wearing a mask

Granted, we didn’t see what happened before this, and the “medical condition” is probably just made up, but this video once again shows what happens when the media can brainwash a population into believing that people who don’t wear masks are trying to kill us all. If you really don’t want someone in your store for not wearing a mask then the appropriate thing to do is to call the police like you would do with any trespasser. Not Khaki Chan though. He tried to smack a ho.

Then took their money anyway.

And finally he reached his breaking point when he was called a sexually derogatory term commonly used in the 90’s for anyone acting like a douchebag, and went full Simone Biles over the counter, landing and balancing on one foot, lunging at the offenders, and defending his store from COVID while not wearing a mask himself. That’s the most amazing part about that video. And even though I can’t stand coronabros like this, you have to tip your hat to that form.

There are olympic hurdlers who can’t get their trail leg to do that, and Khaki Chan is out here doing it in church shoes.

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Coronabro legend right here.

What bitch?

In fairness, the OP seems like a queef himself.

You can hear them antagonizing the clerk, plus the other guy was wearing Timberlands with the tags still on them, mesh shorts in 30 degree weather, and a filthy t-shirt covered in Fitchburg broken dreams.

So you know he sucks at life. Not sure who that is, but it may or may not be Ryan’s brother Cody Herold, who is quite a winner himself.

Two city men were arrested Saturday after they allegedly broke into a home on Loiselle Avenue, assaulted one a man and told his mother “they were going to kill her,” according to court documents. Cody Herold, 19, of 107 Newtonville Ave., and Jake Brisson, 18, of 197 Pratt St., were arraigned Monday in District Court on several charges as a result of the incident. Herold was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, felony daytime breaking and entering, felony daytime breaking and entering that put someone in fear, assault and battery and witness intimidation, according to court documents.

Oh, and they also might be running an illegal dumping business.

All parties probably could’ve handled this better, but the mere fact that so many people apparently see nothing wrong with the way the clerk handled it is indicative of just how much our society has lost its collective mind thanks to the mask cult.


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