Poor Behavior

Leominster Parents Upset They Are Being Shamed For Allowing Baby To Live In Maggot Infested Squalor While They Get High 


This is Samantha Bolduc and Justin Johnson from Leominster.

As you can probably tell from their glazed over eyes, hula hoops impaled in their ears, their affinity for pajama pants, and the fact that he only wears a shirt on court days, they are perpetually unemployed slugpumps who contribute nothing to society. Naturally this did not stop them from procreating, and they have one daughter and are trying for another.

They frequently ask people for money and to be broke despite collecting every form of government assistance imaginable, but it’s just part of the scam to feed their habits.

And they often feel the need to announce to the world how lucky they are to be in young junkie love.

We were tagged by several people in a post that her former neighbor made, showing a video of the apartment they left behind after getting evicted.

Jesus H. Christ. They left the apartment filled with trash and maggots, the Frozen sheets were still on the kid’s bed, they apparently didn’t take any possessions with them.

The most ghetto part about this is that they hung car air fresheners above the mess like a ratchet bandaid.

Yea, that should fix it. These are the kind of people whose version of a shower is going double on the Axe body spray.

If you go on Mom and Dad’s Facebook pages it’s filled with pictures of their raw dog trophy, pretending to be loving parents. But in the background you can see the general filth that they forced her to live in. There’s literally bags of trash hanging from the walls.



The neighbors had no idea they were living like this, because on Facebook they’d pass it off like they had a kid who liked to make a mess.

We’ve all caught our kids making a mess and doing something they’re not supposed to be doing. It’s cute and doesn’t make you a bad parent. That’s why they posted this:

To look like normal parents with a mischievous toddler. Except if you look at the door it’s covered in hearts,  “Mumma and Daddy,” and other things that the baby obviously didn’t write herself. She’s also standing barefoot in a rancid carpet and probably should be checked for lice.

After the former neighbor posted the video Fentanyl Fabio responded by claiming that the house he was evicted from was broken into, that it only looked like that way because they had been gone for 2 weeks, and that everything was thrown everywhere because he “quickly grabbed my shit and left.”

Except by “grab my shit” he meant “leave everything behind including the trash,” and you can’t break into someone’s home if they no longer live there.

His friends weren’t buying his excuse that the baby’s room only looked like that because they were packing and were pissed off at the landlord.


Because it’s OK to leave your apartment like that if you’re pissed at the landlord, their house isn’t normally covered in trash, and their daughter doesn’t sleep on the filthy disease infested floor.


When Fentanyl Fabio realized his attempts at rationalizing the state of the apartment weren’t working he did what people like this always do – deflect and point out the deficiencies of the people who called them out.

I don’t know the woman who made this post, and I don’t plan on getting to know her. She may be ratchet for all I know, but it has nothing to do with the fact that this child should not be forced to live in squalor with unemployed junkie parents who clearly neglect her while they’re getting high.

Apparently the reason this all happened was because the Leominster Lard Lizards called DCF on the neighbor who posted it because they were mad that she had tipped off the landlord to the smell. Now ironically this blog may hopefully lead to DCF intervening to do something about his semen demon’s living situation.

The Lard Lizards have now moved in with Grandma Barbara, who taught them everything they need to know about using your kids as welfare magnets and how to sell your food stamps online for 60 cents on the dollar.

Meanwhile, Fentanyl Fabio is crying about how Princess Narcan is sad about being publicly shamed for being such a poor excuse for a mother.

Newsflash – you’re not the victim here. Your kid is. You’re actually the villain, and hopefully you stop reproducing because you prioritize getting high over making sure your daughter is properly taken care of.


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