Let’s Identify These 2 Worcester Scumbags Who Stole 96 Year Old Woman’s Wallet Withdrew Money From ATM


The Worcester Police are looking for two scumbags who reportedly distracted a 96 year old woman at the Price Chopper on Route 20 in order to steal her wallet and go on a spending spree with her ATM card at a Sunoco last weekend.

Someone has to know who these winners are, and I would love to make them Turtleboy famous. Nobody deserves it more than someone who targets the ultra-elderly. If you’re a barber at one of those barber shops where they take an hour and a half to cut your hair because they talk to you the whole time about who the greatest three point shooter in NBA history is while periodically buzzing the side of your head with a razor, then chances are you’ve seen bootleg Aaron Hernandez before. He looks like the kind of guy who has no savings because he spends all his money on weekly haircuts and rims for his 05 Altima.

Anyway, if you know who either of them are feel free to message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook or email [email protected].

P.S. Lots of people in the comments asking how they took money out if they didn’t have her pin number. Old people sometimes write their pin numbers in their wallets. Either way, the cops said they did it and they have no reason to lie about that.


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