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Let’s Identify This Psycho Driver On I-93 Throwing Objects From His Honda At Woman During Road Rage Incident 


Here’s a video a turtle rider sent us of a man on I-93 throwing object at her daughter’s moving vehicle, which she claims happened after he began tailgating her while she was driving in the middle lane. According to Mom she began filming for her own safety, and after recording this she pulled over to a safe space so he would stop following her.

We’ve all gotten stuck behind someone in the middle lane who shouldn’t be in the middle lane. It’s aggravating, but you’re not allowed to pull up beside them and throw shit at their car.

Not this asshole though. He couldn’t control his temper and started throwing shit out of his car on the highway at a woman who was probably scared for her life. I’ve been pissed off in traffic before, and I have a horrible temper and a lack of impulse control, but I’ve never once contemplated doing something like that. Guarantee it’s not the first time he’s done this either, so we should identify him if we can. The problem is the license plate is a little blurry, and I’m unsure of the make of his Honda. If anyone can read this and wants to run the plate, or if anyone recognizes him in the video, please feel free to email [email protected], or message me at Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook.




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