Linda Walls Taunts Homeowner By Posting Pictures Of His Baby After Squatting Rent Free In His Hull Home For 3 Years And Trashing The Place


Meet Linda Walls, a notorious slugpump who has lived all over the south shore from Plymouth to Hull.

As you can see, she is a gravy filled tenant from Hell. Fox 25 News did a story on her back in 2016 when she squatting in a house where she refused to pay rent:

Linda Walls has been living at 23 Revere St. in Hull for more than a year and a half, yet so far, she’s only paid three months rent. Documents from the former homeowner show the balance she owed was $2,700, but they sold the house and never collected. Walls still lives there and still has not paid rent.

Greg Gray and Mark Musco knew Linda was in the house when they bought it in June.

“We were looking for a property to flip and we found a friend getting rid of theirs. That she was in there and not paying and they were in the process of evicting her,” they told FOX25.

With an existing tenant a new owner becomes the new landlord and the eviction process must start from scratch. Gray and Musco didn’t want to be landlords, they just wanted to flip the house.

Gray and Musco got caught up trying to sort out some of the strictest tenancy laws in the country. They’ve already been to court twice this summer.

“It doesn’t make sense how people can do that. How they can get away with it,” said Musco and Gray.

It turns out Walls may be doing something familiar to landlords in Massachusetts. Court records show she’s well aware of laws that favor tenants and is using them to her advantage. FOX25 uncovered several housing cases involving Walls in Hull and Plymouth. She got a restraining order against Musco on Aug. 22 restricting him from coming to his own property. Next she claimed indigence, which allowed Walls to get a court appointed attorney.

Back in February of 2015 walls issued a restraining order against John Buchanan in Plymouth housing court. Then in March of 2015 while Walls filed for a restraining order against Buchanan again. The restraining order was issued. On Apr. 27, 2015 they met in court. The case was continued to May, then to June; it was finally settled in Buchanan’s favor in mid-June.

A judge found in her favor that she had the right to remain in the house- the time frame unclear. Greg and Mark are stuck again, unable to proceed until they can resolve the issue with Walls saying, “We just want the house back.”

Welcome to Massachusetts, where bloated bovines like Linda Walls can choose not to pay rent but still live in your house indefinitely, get judges to grant restraining orders against people who own the property they’re squatting on, and have the taxpayers pay for lawyers in order to fight for her right to be a deadbeat. Welcome to America, where the people poor enough to get free attorneys and food stamps are also morbidly obese.

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It took three long years but Mark Musco did eventually get the courts to remove this leech from his property.

He expressed his joy on Facebook back when he evicted her in June, and then shared the post again last week in the Hull Happenings Flint-Free edition Facebook group.

You would think that a honey glazed hemorrhoid like Linda would be too embarrassed to ever show her face in public, but sadly people like this have no shame.

This prompted the owner to show up and share images of how she left his home after never paying any rent.

Then she began blaming the new owners for allegedly forcing her to live in substandard conditions, even though they were unable to step foot in the house because of tenant laws.

As someone pointed out from the pictures she posted, she appears to be on several dating sites as well.

Linda, it’s bad enough that you’d have to feed a guy gallons of Dragon 88 Mai Tai’s in order for him to take the dive into your folds, but no man is going to spend the night if he risks losing his socks in a three week old sinkhole filled with Wendy’s ranch sauce packets.

She then began posting rant after rant about how bad the conditions were (conditions brought upon by the fact that she lives life like an orphaned raccoon), and accused the owners she never paid for three years of stealing her “heirlooms,” while periodically slipping IN and OUT of CAPS lock.

And all that trash you see everywhere? According to her the owners planted that to make her look bad.

Because Alex “two time” Zones couldn’t look bad on her own.

Slow MetaboLinda also disputed the indisputable fact that she received a free attorney to fight for her right to squat on someone else’s property rent free for three years.


Finally, just when you thought she couldn’t be more vile, she went and posted a photoshopped picture of the owner’s child in an attempt to paint him as the bad parent.

Because this woman hasn’t done enough bad things to the homeowners.

This is why I’ll never become a landlord. Because in this state the slugs have all the rights. Our politicians hate people who own anything (businesses, property, etc), and they love people who leech off the system and depend on them for sustenance. That’s why people like Linda Walls are able to get away with what they do.


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