Local Mom Films Herself Drinking And Driving On Facebook Live While Showing Off Canker Sores


This is Lindsey Brauner from Lynn, Malden, Medford, Milton, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Fitchburg, and Winchendon.


She’s a former inmate, which you’d know if you followed her on Facebook because she posted her prison ID like a badge of honor.

Earlier in the week the Humpback Snail Trail posted a 30 minute video of herself driving home in her car while completely shitfaced, pounding booze, ripping butts, and showing off the crevices in what is left of her teeth.

She decided to broadcast this on Facebook Live, and as you can imagine she sounds like she has permanent Newport Lights voice as she ranted about having to do the extraordinary chores of laundry and cleaning for the semen demons who have the misfortune of calling her Mom.

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Of course she was drinking the nectar of the DCF Mom – Fireball.


She washed that down with a warm bud light while she told her Facebook followers how she was going canning, and how the guy who’s brave enough to engage in consensual sex with her recently had a friend die from a drug overdose.

It’s OK though, because she was close to home.

Anyway, I can’t upload the entire 30 minute video, but she drives around ranting about how her 14 year old kid grows weed and leaves roaches in the house, how her COVID caused canker sores, and how she was drunk at the beach earlier in the day with her daughter. At this rate she’ll be President of the Dorchester PTA by Monday. I’ll be able to play some of the video during the Live show on Sunday at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel to join the fun.


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