Lorrayna Calle Messages TB Upset She Lost Ratchet Madness To Nicki Evans, Ramy The Predator Poacher Threatens TB With His Savage Fans


The 2020 Ratchet Madness Champion was revealed on last night’s live show. Because I can’t play Luther Vandross’ version of One Shining Moment due to copyright I had no choice but to serenade turtle riders with my a capella version of it. Also did the freestyle at 1:40, and had a call ins from Ramy the bootleg New Jersey predator poacher and Leigha Genduso at the end. My impromptu cohost was a heavily inebriated Dave Cullinane, who was easily the least popular cohost in the history of the live show and seemed to be quite confused. I personally think we should have him on again for a second shot at sober redemption.

Turtle riders absolutely made the right decision. Nicki Evans deserves to go down in history with Rian Waters, Didi Delgado, and Ashley Losapio as Ratchet Madness Legends.

Bristol Blarney came the closest to defeating her, and in my opinion either one of them would’ve been a deserving champion. Lorrayna Calle is a psychopath and a monster, but she thrives off the attention. Nicki Evans didn’t want this kind of attention, which made her more worthy. Lorrayna sent me this on Thursday:

Then she sent me this last night during the show once she realized she couldn’t win.

Update: That GoFundMe was never real. Denise would ever start a GFM because Sony Calle has never paid her child support to begin with. Lorrayna just photoshopped that stuff onto an existing GFM in order to try to get met to write about Denise. Because Lorrayna is a psychopath who can’t even win Ratchet Madness despite launching a campaign to do so. But in fairness, her husband is probably a lot worse. Lorrayna is mentally ill. Her husband enables her and allows her to abuse his child. It doesn’t get much lower than that.

After the show Ramy El-Daly, the New Jersey predator poacher scammer, sent me a threatening message vowing to “fuck up all your social media pages.”

Keep in mind, Ramy was arrested two years ago for attempting to sneak heroin into a courthouse. If he insists in engaging in a back and forth with TB then I’m game.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.


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