Lowell Domestic Abuser Avoids Going Back To Jail By Jumping Into Concord River, Family Holds Protests Accusing Police Of Racism, Profits Off Death With Fundrazr


This is Moses Harris from Lowell.

Moses has been arrested for domestic abuse 3 times in the last 2 years, and 5 times total in the past 5 years. He was out on bail on domestic abuse charges on December 19 when a Lowell woman called the police on him, alleging domestic abuse. When the police arrived he was not there, but two hours later he returned and the victim called again. This time the police attempted to detain him in a parking lot, but since he didn’t feel like going back to jail he made a break for it and ran toward the Concord River where he went for a polar plunge and never came back.

I think we can all agree that when a violent domestic abuser out on bail abuses a woman and then voluntarily jumps into a frozen river in order to evade police, that the only person to blame here is the violent domestic abuser.

But if you think that it’s only because of your white privilege. In reality this was racism. Now the family is holding protests and demanding answers.

Lowell police say they’ve searched for Moses Harris extensively, using boats, K9s, a helicopter and even thermal…

Posted by NBC10 Boston on Saturday, January 2, 2021


Oh, I know the answer to that one. He voluntarily jumped in a river, he died, floated away, and now he’s Billerica’s problem. I would advise the family to invest in scuba gear if they seek more answers.

And of course no ratchet clan ever lets a tragedy go to waste without monetizing it by baselessly alleging racism in a fundraiser.

So what exactly do they want? The police searched the river and couldn’t find his body, and they’ve offered to show the family the tape of Moses running away from the cop but the family has refused.

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That’s where his brother Emmanuel Wahpo comes in.

Emmanuel is only 18, but has been brainwashed into believing that he’s some sort of victim because of the color of his skin. During the George Floyd protests everyone had to listen to idiots like Emmanuel, as if they’re some sort of enlightened thought leaders. He led a protest at Lowell High School alleging that his teachers were…you guessed it….racist.

Little bro has started a petition because obviously the cops made his woman beating brother run from the police and jump into a frozen river. According to him they’re not doing enough to find big bro.

He’s upset because they didn’t put out an Amber Alert for a grown man who went swimming in December. These are the people that every major corporation and elected leader told us we had to take seriously in June.

“The petition claims police have refused to meet with the family of the missing man and have not provided clear answers as to why Harris was not stopped from entering the river during the early morning.”

Actually, the police has met with the family several times, and the reason they didn’t stop him from entering the river is because he ran away from and jumped into the river without asking their permission first. You can see it right on tape WCVB aired of it. (30 second mark)

But if you don’t believe the tape you can also listen to the radio broadcast.

“It looks like he jumped into the river. He’s in the water.”

Case closed.

Oh, and he was also threatening suicide.

And an easy way to die is to jump into a frozen river in December.

Nevertheless they are insisting as playing this up as a racist police killing of an innocent black man.

They held a protest last weekend and they’re holding another one this weekend.

“We don’t want to put another life at risk by going in the water. Let that settle in.”

OK, it settled in. I agree that it’s not worth risking the life of an innocent person to try to fish out the dead body of a violent domestic abuser who chose his fate.

This is a guy who seems to have a problem with women and once posted that his daughter was the “only female that make me happy.”

Which is exactly the sort of thing you say if you beat women on the regular and then blame them for making you so upset.

His Mom appears to be running his Facebook page and says she misses her king.

But she also admitted that the cops were searching the river days after he disappeared.

Nevertheless, they aren’t doing enough.

But no BLM protest would be complete without dumb white people writing words on cardboard signs while pretending to fight racism. This thing appears to be one of them.

And this thing too.

They always look the same.

“Racial justice oriented music project.”

Just a reminder that these people who pretend to champion the cause of minorities and women are showing their support of a man who is clearly dead because he can’t stop beating women and didn’t feel like going to jail.

So basically what we have here is a family who cares so little about their missing woman beating family member that they’re willing to trivialize his death by turning it into a faux racial justice issue in order to profit off of it. Grifters gonna grift.


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