Lowell High School Yearbook Photos Reveal Congresswoman Lori Trahan Wearing Native American War Paint And Headdress Despite Declaration Of Racism As Public Health Crisis


Congresswoman Lori Trahan is a newly elected legislator representing the Massachusetts 3rd Congressional District. She’s a vocal opponent of racism and recently stated during an online event that racism is a public health issue, in response to the Lowell City Council voting that it’s not.

“This is an extremely important issue that has been made worse by the coronavirus pandemic, which has disproportionately affected Black men and women,” Trahan said. “Make no mistake: Racism is a public health crisis, and as a community and as a nation we know we can fix this problem, but we need to start by actually acknowledging that this issue is real and that it continues to persist in every corner of our country.”

Trahan’s statement on racism being a public health crisis was made one day after the Lowell City Council voted 5-4 against a motion that made the same declaration. That motion was made by Mayor John Leahy. Instead, councilors approved a substitute motion filed by Councilors Rodney Elliott and William Samaras that addressed racism in the city but did not make a declaration that racism is a public health threat.

Congresswoman Trahan tweets frequently about her disdain for racism and is a cosponsor of a bill that will authorize reparations to all black Americans in order to right the wrongs of the historical injustices that folks like LeBron James and Oprah have suffered at the hands of their oppressors.


She frequently condemns President Trump for being a racist.

She believes our society is systemically racist, particularly the police, and believes they need reform to cleanse them of their racist ways.

Except Congresswoman Trahan has a racist past herself. In Trahan’s Lowell High School 1991 yearbook there are multiple pictures of her wearing Native American headdress, making the “how” sign, and wearing stereotypical Native American face paint.

Lori Trahan was Lori Loureiro back then, which the yearbook editor mixed up.

She was a standout volleyball player and the President of the National Honor Society.

But none of that matters because she was also a rabid racist, and she must be cancelled immediately. Previously I might’ve given her a pass considering she was just 18 at the time, but her team made the new rules and I’m just playing by them. Considering all the pandering she’s done about racism, including to the Native American community, I demand that she disavow her racist ways, resign immediately, and hand over her seat, preferably to an indigenous transgender woman.

Let’s keep in mind that she demanded Brett Kavanaugh be kept off the Supreme Court and posted this right after his high school yearbook pictures were made public, in which he said he liked to drink beer.

The time has come for racist Lori Trahan to withdraw her acceptance of the seat of representative 3rd congressional district of Massachusetts and demand a new nonbinary congresswoman of color. We are now facing numerous credible allegations of racist actions and unmet demands for truth. She has covered this up for years, and had she been honest about her racist past she likely would’ve lost to noted person of color Dan Koh, who she beat by just 100 votes. It is not enough to simply apologize and pay reparations. Too much is at stake to protect Native American people from the public health crisis of racism. Cultural appropriation is an act of violence, as is her silence on this matter. Racism is a public health crisis and these images put people of color in danger. We hereby demand that the entire Massachusetts Congressional delegation, included noted Native American woman Elizabeth Warren, loudly condemn Congresswoman Trahan’s over racism.


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