Lowell Man Caught In Bushes Peeping Into 5 Year Old’s Bedroom In Dracut Told Police He Was There To Sell Weed And Dropped His Cell Phone


Dracut residents in an apartment complex have reported a man hiding in people’s bushes to peer inside their homes for several months. On Sunday night a mother who lives there was alerted by her 5 year old daughter that somebody was looking in her bedroom window. The neighbors caught him in the act and when he was confronted he claimed that he was looking for a cell phone he dropped before running into the woods. According to the mother the police were called and they recognized the man’s truck as he had been caught doing this before. The cell phone he claimed to have dropped was in his truck, but he remained in hiding until the police left. After that he got into his truck at 4:08 AM, but a neighbor followed him and called the police. He wasn’t arrested because he claimed that he was in the woman’s bushes because he was trying to sell weed.

The post got a lot of attention and the perp was soon identified as Ronald Carnigan from Lowell.

He doesn’t know anyone living in the apartment complex and has Google trophies for breaking and entering and domestic assault.

On Facebook he goes by Ronnie Black Charcoal, but he has since deleted his profile after being outed.

If Rowdy Ronnie Peeper would like to come on the Live Show and explain what he was doing peeping into a 5 year old girl’s bedroom in the middle of the night he’s more than welcome to email [email protected]. I’m sure this is a simple misunderstanding that could happen to anyone, and we’re anxious to hear more about the person he was selling pot to in the bushes in the middle of the night.


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