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Lowell Mayor Admits His Wife Bailed A Woman Out Of Jail After She Beat A Pregnant Woman And His Son Swore At Police For Doing Their Job


We have an update on yesterday’s blog about Beast Lightning, AKA Tina Degree, the ratchet Lowell gang banger Mom who’s been harassing the Lowell Police for months, blaming them because a woman beater named Moses Harris jumped into a frozen river and drown, and who was allegedly bailed out by an aide to Mayor John Leahy. Tina Degree was already out on bail for beating a woman who was pregnant with her grandchild because she expected her criminal son to pay child support, and she immediately planned another protest after being bailed out yet again.

Leahy denied knowing where the money came from, but yesterday the Mayor released a statement after he suddenly remembered that it was his wife who bailed her out, and his loud mouthed son stood with the protesters harassing Lowell cops.

TL;DR – I was at an unveiling of a picture of me because I’m a narcissist, and I pretend to support the police and BLM at the same time, even though BLM wants to abolish the police. The dead woman beater’s mother showed up at City Hall causing a scene because her friend Beast Lightning got arrested again and refused to leave until Beast Lightning got bailed out. Instead of telling her to leave or having her arrested for trespassing my idiot son swore at the cops, so some city councillors and I openly discussed bailing out the criminals because we are democrats and bailing out BLM terrorists is just kind of what we do. My wife ended up giving my aide the money to bail them out but she either never told me or I lied about not knowing, but either way I look like a goober now.

That kid just looks like such a chode. I can totally picture him doing that.

The best part is how he’s trying to still pretend like he supports the cops. Bruh, you threw them under the bus. They’ve been getting attacked by these losers for three months now because they tried to arrest a serial domestic abuser and he ended up committing ghetto suicide. Instead of standing up to them you attempted to “both sides” it in order to keep everyone happy. Meanwhile the little maggot you raised was clearly taught that the cops are the bad guys, and your moronic wife’s first instinct was to bail a woman out of jail who was already on bail for beating up a pregnant woman. What is it with these people and supporting people who beat up women?

Then again they belong to the party of Kamala Harris, who proudly shared the Minnesota Bail Fund to help get rioters and looters out of jail too, so she’s just following her lead. Would be a real shame if people knew his wife’s business (Facebook page here) supported domestic abusers.


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