Lowell Police Get Bombarded With Hate Over Viral Post Accusing Officer Of Opossum Abuse Despite Body Cam Footage Showing That Never Happened


The Lowell Police Department was erroneously tagged in a viral Facebook post last week about an officer allegedly kicking a baby possum.

Turns out it happened in Lowell, Michigan, and the post made by some guy named Zachary Myers was shared 17K times and counting.

The outrage machine was out in full force.

Keep in mind, no video or pictures were shown. All it took for 17,000 people to share a post vilifying a police department was the unverified word of this man.

Except there’s just on problem – the body cam footage show that none of this happened.

The dude was blocking a highway lane where people travel 55 mph because he saw road kill.

The cop never swore at him, then nudged the first possum to the side of the road with his foot before pulling the dead one of the side of the road by its tail.

The worst part about that video is he touched that nasty thing’s tail with his bare hands. But what was he supposed to do? It’s a possum. They lie in the road and pretend they’re dead. Kind of their thing. How else do you move it without touching it with your hands? He’s a cop. His job is to make sure human beings are safe. Two animals and a moron blocking the road isn’t safe for other humans.

The Michigan LPD Michigan put out a statement saying as much.

But even after indisputable proof came out that no one swore at this moron and no one kicked a possum 10 feet, the mob was still demanding that the cop be fired.

This nudnik just wanted to feel good about himself and have his viral f*** 12 moment. Meanwhile, this is how nature works. When an animal’s mother dies it also dies shortly thereafter. It’s a cruel world. But somehow a possum generated this much interstate outrage, which really says more about the cancer of social media than it does about anything else.


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