Lowell Police Officer Refuses To Take A Knee For Demanding BLM Crowd, Receives Condemnation From Goth Free Spirit 


The news has been glorifying police officers and politicians all across the country who have taken a knee in front of BLM cult rioters. Often they do so after the mob demands it, and it’s degrading, humiliating, and cringe to watch. However, the police do it because they know that the mob has no objectives or goals, and if they’re dumb enough to believe that getting cops to take a knee means they accomplished something then they’re willing to play along. That’s all it is – adults appeasing children so they’ll stop throwing a tantrum. At the end of the day no legislation or reforms will come out of this.

Nonetheless, it’s embarrassing to watch the police genuflect in front of mobs that hate them and want them defunded, in the name of unity. That’s why it was so refreshing to see this police officer in Lowell refuse to give in.

They don’t want you to take a knee – they demand it. They don’t want to get along with cops, they want to show the cops that they can get them to be submissive.

“Show us you’re with us.”



And the “prayer” was such self serving bullshit too. None of these people goes to church because their religion is faux social justice. Their God is wokeness.

“We gather here today for a great reason Go. We have people in front of us today God that might not kneel with us, but can you change their mindset God, put them in a position to believe that black lives matter. You can say that you stand with us, but let them show that they stand with us God. You can say that you stand with us, but we need you to show that you stand with us.”

That’s not a prayer. That’s a narcissist pretending to be devout, lecturing the police for not being sufficiently woke, and masking it as a prayer. He condescendingly asks “God” to put the cops in a position to believe that black lives matter, which implies that they think black people are subhuman scum who deserve to die. He didn’t outright say it that way because he’s very crafty and wanted to make it sound like a plea for peace, when in fact it was a demand for submission.

The woman who posted the video goes by Kelsey Rose on the Facebook machine.

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As you can see, she’s a non-conformist free spirit who does exactly what the rest of the non-conformist free spirits do – give themselves the “I hate my stepdad Jeff for drinking the Mountain Dew” makeover, and install a door knocker in their nose.

She was apparently at one of the protests Tuesday (I can’t even keep track anymore), and constantly shares SJW propaganda that the BLM cult has shoved down her throat.

Kelsey lives in Lowell, a very diverse city. But these are her friends.

You’ll notice that there are 42 people in those pictures, and not one is black. Couldn’t even get a Latina or an Asian in there. She could associate with anyone she wants to in Lowell, but she chooses an ensemble that’s whiter than a Madawaska winter.

Because in reality the most racist people are the ones screaming the loudest. Racist scum like Kelsey. They hate themselves and they hate black people, but they don’t wanna be called racist so they just call other people racist instead. They are morally bankrupt, perverse, idiotic children throwing a tantrum, and I’m happy to see that the Lowell Police refused to debase themselves by groveling in front of them.


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