Lt. Governor Karyn Polito Hosts Dozens Of Friends At $1.5 Million Lakefront Shrewsbury Mansion Despite Social Distancing And Mask Orders


Lt. Governor Karyn Polito recently reminded Massachusetts residents that they should stay at home unless they need to go out to pick up “essentials,” and urged citizens to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Likewise, Governor Charlie Baker on Friday urged people not to get together in groups for barbecues this memorial day weekend.

Many people usually mark Memorial Day at beaches, parks or cookouts with family and friends, but gatherings have become ways for the virus to spread, even ones who think they’re healthy. Baker said he understands the desire to go out but urged those who do to continue wearing face coverings and maintaining social distance, “your two greatest allies in preventing the spread” of the virus.

However, it appears as if Polito is not heeding her own advice. Sources are reporting to TB Daily News that the Lt. Governor had a party at her $1.5 million home in Shrewsbury on Saturday. According to the source there were over a dozen cars parked at the lakefront property at 2 Tatassit Circle at one point. This picture was taken outside of the home around 8 PM after many had already reportedly left.

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Orders for thee, but not for me.

Polito wants the common folk to remain in their homes while she has friends over to stuff their face with gouda and wine spritzers.

Granted there is plenty of room in Karyn Polito’s 6,000 square foot house to socially distance.

And if need be they can all retreat using the footbridge to the island that she owns in Lake Quinsig, which the poors can see from Worcester as they look at the water that they’re not allowed to go in because of the lockdown.

I have nothing against Karyn Polito partying in her house with friends. As a middle aged healthy woman she has a much better chance of being killed by a bus than she does of dying from COVID. However, I do have a problem with people like her demanding that citizens comply her administration’s unconstitutional orders, while she flagrantly disregards them herself.

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