Ludlow Woman Attempts To Get Drug Money By Pretending Child Has Cancer, Lying About Needing Meds To Avoid Miscarriage, Scamming Diabetic Woman


Angela Bracci is a 27 year old Ludlow mother who is expecting her second child in September.

However, she’s also a well known scam artist who suffers from that “disease” that’s been going around. Not the commie cold though. The one where you willingly inject poison into your body and act like a zombie, and then you miss it so much that you steal from people you love and burn every bridge you’ve ever built in order to acquire more money to buy more poison to stick into your body. That disease.

She was recently outed Harvey Weinstein style – when one person comes forward to share your misdeeds, and then you are revealed to be a monster when person after person comes forward with more disturbing stories. It began when a woman who had paid her $160 for a glucose sensor posted about it, after Angela infiltrated a diabetic support Facebook group for the sole intention of targeting victims like her.

Good thing she’s scamming for drug money while pregnant. What could possibly go wrong?

She also uses her pregnancy to try to get money out of friends and acquaintances so that Diego the friendly neighborhood heroin dealer’s kids can go to college. She made up a lie that she was dilating and needed $45 for medication to avoid a miscarriage.


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She’s even pretended that her daughter, who she doesn’t have custody of, had cancer, in order to get money for heroin.

When people have called her out on it she’s pretended to be someone else while using her own Facebook page, claiming that she got in a car accident and couldn’t respond.

She’s also says that her flat brimmed wearing baby daddy Lando can’t work, and blames her inability to work on the commie cold while begging for drug money.

She has a coupon for prenatal meds to avoid a miscarriage that knocked the price down $11. In other words, she stole $11 from someone and only needs $34 now.

I’m sure her recent charges in Springfield and Wilbraham for larceny and warrants were a big misunderstanding too.

Anyway, just wanted to put this woman on blast because she’s very good at scamming kind hearted people and using her children to do so. Vote in the poll below to decide what her most ratchet offense was, because they’re all pretty despicable.


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