Ludlow Woman Raising Money For Sister Who Got Roofied And Sexually Assaulted Raises Red Flags With History Of Violence, Inconsistent Story 


This is Jessica and Danielle Martin, sisters from Ludlow.



In 2016 they made headlines after getting arrested twice in a month for violent offenses. The first came outside of a Springfield bar when they knocked a friend of their’s unconscious for the crime of being friends with Jessica’s ex-boyfriend.

Two sisters charged with pummeling another woman outside a Springfield bar in 2016 have been sentenced to one year of probation and ordered to obtain anger management counseling. Danielle Martin, 22, of Springfield, and Jessica Martin, 27, of Ludlow, admitted to facts sufficient for a guilty finding on reduced assault and battery charges during a hearing last week in Springfield District Court. Under a plea agreement approved by Judge Robert Murphy, the two cases were continued without a finding for one year. During that period, the sisters must report to their probation officers, pay a $65 monthly probation fee, and have no contact with the alleged victim.

The sisters allegedly kicked and punched a 25-year-old woman outside Rory Fitzgerald’s bar on Page Boulevard on Sept. 21, 2016, leaving her unconscious on the sidewalk. A week later, they pleaded not guilty to one count each of assault and battery with serious bodily injury, and were both released on $500 bail. Averting a trial, the sisters agreed on March 29 to admit to a reduced misdemeanor charge of assault and battery as part of the agreement reached by Assistant District Attorney Colleen Monroe and their lawyers. The alleged victim, meanwhile, claimed the sisters were “looking for her” because she was friends with Jessica Martin’s ex-boyfriend. She was diagnosed with a concussion and has no memory of the fight, she wrote.

“I was told that both girls fought me and Jessica kicked me in the face … all over nothing,” she wrote.

Five weeks later the younger sister Danielle had another incident revolving around a dude and ended up getting arrested for assaulting some WNEC cops.

A Springfield woman charged with punching and kicking another woman outside a city bar is facing new charges after allegedly tangling with campus police at Western New England University. Danielle N. Martin, 21, pleaded not guilty in Springfield District Court last week to disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault and battery on a public employee. The arraignment came five weeks after Martin and her sister, Jessica, 26, of Ludlow, pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault charges after allegedly pummeling a woman outside Rory Fitzgerald’s on Page Boulevard in September.

The new charges were filed after WNEU police received a call that a college-age woman was wandering around campus after having fallen and possibly suffered a head injury, according to the arrest report. The woman had just run across a parking lot and entered her car, the caller said. When police approached the car, Martin appeared distraught and drunk, but assured police she was “chillin.'” The words “slut” and “whore” had been carved into the front passenger door, the report said. As police questioned her, Martin became increasingly agitated, the report said.

“You ain’t real cops,” she yelled several times. As Martin attempted to walk away, the officers were concerned that she might wander into traffic on Wilbraham Road. When an officer grabbed her arm, she responded, “Don’t touch me, bitch,” and struck the officer in the chest, the report said.

She was arrested and taken to Springfield police headquarters. Along the way, she cried, yelled and kicked doors and windows in the cruiser, the report said.

You know your family is ratchet when your Dad’s name is Kenny and even he makes fun of you for not being able to stay clean for more than 12 minutes.

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Anyway, a bunch of people messaged me about this fundraiser Jessica started at the end of November for her younger sister, alleging that Danielle was paralyzed in the hospital with brain damage after some friends of her’s roofied her and raped her, and she’s raised over $1,100 for her bills.

Just to review:

  • Unnamed friends drugged her and left her unconscious, presumably after having their way with her
  • Her brain doesn’t work and she can’t talk or walk
  • Legs no longer work and may never work again
  • Medical bills will be sky high with no explanation as to why insurance isn’t paying for it
  • She went an undisclosed amount of time without oxygen going to her brain and is somehow alive

And since they have such a stellar reputation in the community you’ll just have to believe them.

Jessica has been posting links to her sister’s fundraiser nearly every day since November 25.





But of course many were skeptical given their reputation, and quickly a much more believable story about Danielle overdosing on drugs Jessica got her and Jessica using it as a chance to scam emerged.

And when ratchet sisters scamming on Facebook are involved it can only mean one thing…..

Fact check – true.

Soon pictures emerged of Jessica’s baby daddy buying a new XBox, and Jessica rocking a new Rolex on IG.

Danielle herself has told people that she’s no longer in the hospital.

But if Jessica was pocketing the cash, wouldn’t Danielle rat on her? Well, according to the streets it has been alleged that Danielle owes money to Jessica, and Dad Kenny decided the best way to repay the debt would be for Jessica to scam people with this elaborate GoFundMe scam.

Perfectly normal family.

Kenny himself in text messages said that Danielle had heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, acid, and partridge and a pear tree in her blood, along with bruises consistent with sexual assault.

He blamed the whole thing on a guy named John, who he said normally gets his drugs from Jessica, but Jessica wouldn’t sell him drugs because she knew that they would end up with her sister.

Perfectly normal family.

Dad has to be in on the scam because he’s been telling people that the money is going to his bank account, even though Jessica started it.

Keep in mind, Danielle is allegedly brain dead and can’t walk, yet has been messaging and friend requesting people for weeks because she apparently missed the memo about the scam.

Dad also claims that Danielle is in the hospital until December 23, and for some reason doesn’t have health insurance until a month after that.

Of course no bills or evidence of this has been provided and you’ll just have to take the word of a ratchet clan from Ludlow most famous for beating their friend unconscious in a parking lot over a dude.

Nevertheless the Martin sisters have their defenders, including a woman from Holyoke named Pumpkin.

And if you can’t trust a bitch from Holyoke named Pumpkin then who can you trust? Here’s what she had to say.

It’s a letter from what appears to be a clinical care coordinator RN confirming that Danielle was at Mercy Medical Center before being transferred to rehab where she will remain until December 23.

She also posted a picture of Danielle in the hospital holding a sign she wrote identifying herself as Danielle, and wearing a wrist band that supposedly means she can’t walk.

Of course no one ever doubted that she was in the hospital or rehab, because that’s where you go when you overdose on drugs. The fundraiser was created because some guy allegedly roofied her and insurance didn’t cover anything, and of course no evidence of that has been presented.

Meanwhile brain dead Danielle is thankful.

 Anyway, Jessica must’ve seen that people were tagging Turtleboy on her posts and attempted to preemptively message in an attempt to prevent publication. The mere fact that you’re reading this right now is indicative that her efforts failed. Here’s how it went.

As you can see she speaks fluent Ratchetese, and has rehearsed the talking points from Kenny. Her evidence that she wasn’t scamming included screenshots of people accusing her of scamming, as well as text messages between her grandmother and Danielle that prove that Danielle is in fact brain dead.

Perfectly normal family.

I still had many questions, such as, “huh?”

Keep in mind that at this point I had no idea what the hell was going on and didn’t have time to read that all over, interpret it, and respond. She then informed me that my reputation was on the line and that no one would donate to Turtleboy if I blogged about her.

Being lectured about your how to maintain your reputation by a woman most associated with selling drugs and kicking the shit out of people in parking lots is like being lecture on black lives matter by the bloods and crips.

She then sent me a picture of Danielle in the hospital and text messages that proved it wasn’t a scam because “her brain damage.”

Then she sent me the forced picture she made her sister pose for in order to not end up on Turtleboy.

Keep in mind, I hadn’t told her I was planning on writing about this and she was already calling me a piece of shit. Can’t wait to see how she handles this now.

I never disputed that she was in the hospital, but what I wanted was evidence that she had been drugged by a boy, since that was what was being used to solicit donations. Of course she didn’t have an answer for that, but she did have a screenshot from Facebook telling her that her fundraiser is legit.

The thing about that is it proves nothing, since these things are all automated by Facebook anyway. Anyone who’s reported graphic content only to be told it doesn’t violate Facebook’s community standards knows that.

At the end of the day what we have here is a baseless claim with zero corroborating evidence that’s been used to raise over $1,100 for a chick who may or may not have given her sister bad heroin that she overdosed on. But if any of the Martin clan wants to come on the live show with new evidence they’re more than welcomed to reach out to me and we can make that happen. I’m sure Bret and I will be discussing it anyway.



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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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