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Lunenburg Football Kid Whose Parents Faked Hate Crime In 2013 To Get Transfer To Leominster Is All Grown Up And Shooting People With Ghost Guns


Yesterday the State Police announced that they had arrested a violent felon with multiple outstanding warrants in Leominster, wanted for shooting a man on October 30.

If you’re assembling guns from different parts of guns in order to make the bullets you shoot untraceable, your only real existence on earth is to hurt people and get away with it. You don’t learn how to do something like that unless you are a dangerous waste of space that needs to be removed from society.

I normally don’t write about stuff like this because it happens all the time, but if the name Isaac Phillips rings a bell it’s because he’s been in the news before when he was a child. Anyone remember this face?

How bout now?





Oh look, the fake hate crime kid is all grown up!

In 2013 the media fell hook, line and sinker for an obvious race hoax in Lunenburg, before Trump derangement syndrome made them mainstream, when racist slurs appeared on the side of a home belonging to Anthony Phillips and Andrea Brazier. The message, which was only written on the foundation where it could be easily cleaned, said “Knights don’t need n*****s.” It was blamed on his teammates on the Lunenburg High School JV football team (the Blue Knights), and the gutless superintendent and principal cancelled the final two football games for seniors. There was a whole candlelight vigil and everything, and the town was branded as racist in the media.


It didn’t matter that the kid was barely black to begin with, or that there was no evidence Lunenburg students did that, or that the FBI resources were wasted interrogating kids who never cracked, or that trying to win football games by getting rid of the black kids is a horrible game plan. They were guilty because they were white kids in a small town, and if you question allegations of racism then you are racist yourself.

But what made me most suspicious is that Isaac, who people familiar with the town said was a behavior problem and a trouble maker, got to transfer to Leominster High School within days.

Leominster is one of the top football schools in the state, plays in one of the highest divisions, and sends kids like Noah Gray (Kansas City Chiefs tight end who played for LHS at the time) to D1 colleges and the NFL. Lunenburg is a small town program that’s happy to have a team.

Well, as it turned out the whole thing was made up. The parents didn’t get rid of the spray cans, which they left in their fire pit, and kept telling different stories about where the cans came from. They put such little thought into this that they couldn’t even get rid of the evidence or get their story straight. They just wanted their kid to go to Leominster, they didn’t think the FBI would get involved, and they got their way. The lesson that Isaac learned from this is that lying pays off, and you don’t have to feel bad when you hurt people.

Ultimately the mother admitted that they were behind it, but they never apologized to the kids they victimized who showed up at the vigil to show their support.

No charges were ever filed, even though the FBI found out who perpetrated the hate crime. Because a hate crime isn’t really a hate crime if the person committing the hate crime was just trying to hurt children.



A couple months after they got caught the dad was still blaming the community of Lunenburg that he victimized:

“It’s unfortunate the community we live in hasn’t shown its support and has shown their true colors. The past few months have been very difficult for my family. It’s unfortunate the community we live in hasn’t shown its support and has shown their true colors.” 

He was the one who demanded that the Thanksgiving game be cancelled while his son played for Leominster:

It just doesn’t get much more evil than that.

The parents split up and Dad went full gangsta and BLM.

Isaac Phillips ended up becoming a violent thug piece of garbage because Superintendent Lexi Jo Calmes taught him that liars get rewarded, and that it’s OK to hurt people.


She did that because it was easier to give him what he wanted than to stand up to race baiters. He never had to apologize and he never learned his lesson. Granted, he’s also a thug because this is what constitutes a male role model in his life:

But leaders in the community had the chance to do the right thing and hold this brat accountable, which could’ve possibly helped deter his bad behavior in the future. Instead they gave the brat what he wanted and now he’s going to spend the rest of his meaningless existence shooting people and spending every other year in prison.



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