Lynn Coffee Shop Manager Destroys He Mother’s Business By Announcing That Cops Are Not Allowed To Drink Coffee There And Shouldn’t Be Humanized


Three years ago the current anti-police rhetoric that’s taken over this country was foreshadowed by a coffee shop owner in Lynn. Her post turned out to be a really bad business decision, but today she’d probably get flooded with business for her wokeness.

This is Sophie Lovett.

She’s a manager at her mother Kato Mele’s Lynn coffee shop – White Rose Coffeehouse.

Sophie wanted to make it crystal clear in a series of Facebook posts that the White Rose Coffeehouse will not be participating in the “Coffee with a cop” initiative that has been going on around the country as part of a black lives matter push to improve relations between the police and the community:

Wouldn’t want to “humanize” cops. It’s not like they’re human beings or anything.

Don’t get it twisted though – she’ll gladly take their money.

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They just have to leave immediately afterwards and not be seen in her establishment.

According to her all cops are slave catchers as well as killers, and she’d much rather have her customers of color feel safe, which obviously they cannot do if the police are in the coffeehouse.

If you see a cop in a business that you’re in and you feel less safe because of it, then you’re just a stupid person who should never be taken seriously. Luckily there are literally zero people who feel that way, and it’s just a thing white people say when they’re attempting to gain virtue points on social media while taking their morning dumps.

She’s also an anarchist who doesn’t believe in law and order.

I for one am 100% in favor of letting society go full anarchist for a day or two, just so I can rob people like this. They have no guns and they think social workers can stop crime. Free lunch.

Just for the record, she won’t host a coffee with a cop event, but she’ll gladly hold a “meet an ex-con” event.

The White Rose Coffeehouse was quickly flooded with one star reviews on their Facebook pagewhich led to this response.

Translation – we are taking no actions against the manager because she is a “young person acting out of emotion.” This is OK because it’s “not uncommon among young people.”

Newsflash – this wasn’t her acting on emotion. These are her actual beliefs. And she made it crystal clear on Facebook that your business does not welcome the police who protect your business from thieves and those who would do you wrong.

Sophie must’ve gotten a call from Mom.

“Our business has received a lot of flack for my personal statements and for that I am deeply regretful.”

Translation – I am worthless and my Mommy reamed me out for making a business decision that can cost us a lot of customers. I am apologizing because without freeloading off of her I will surely a welfare leach.

Funny that Mom says she wants to “talk about things” yet all these comments have been deleted:

If you think Mom doesn’t harbor the same opinions that her daughter does then just check out the rest of their page.

Whoa! They’re against Nazis. That certainly is an edgy take right there, and totally not virtue signaling. After all, Lynn is known for it’s support for Nazis and high concentration of white nationalists. If you don’t have one of those signs in your storefront I automatically assume you’re a Nazi haven.

This one was my favorite.

The Pilgrims, who were a bunch of peaceful refugees fleeing religious persecution in England, and broke bread with Natives, are now racist too. They’re somewhere between Dr. Seuss and Hitler on the offensive meter. This is how stupid these people are. Their understanding of history is so limited that they instinctively believe that any white guy who ended up on this continent was in on the genocide.

Mom fell for this one too.

Hey Mom, we debunked that one a few weeks back.

For a progressive coffee shop they sure seem to have an interesting track record with employees though….

Just sayin.

I’m firmly against cancel culture for people who make harmless statements espousing their political beliefs online. But if you use your business page to tell people that they’re not welcome in your establishment because of what they do for a living then don’t be surprised when people shit on you. The business literally stopped existing within weeks of this blog being published, but like I said, if they did it today they’d probably be thriving. That’s how much the world has changed in the last 3 years.


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