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Lynn Tech Vice Principal Demands Dog Be Extradited From Georgia And Executed For Biting Her After She Provoked And Grabbed Its Collar While Pooping


This is Emily Spinucci, the vice principal of Lynn Vocational High School (the one who presents as female).

She lives in Nahant, and this week she officially cemented her spot in the Twatwaffle Hall of Shame when she demanded that a dog living in Georgia be extradited back to Massachusetts in order to be executed for biting her after she interrupted it whilst dropping a deuce last month.

The town is working to determine the fate of Tucker, a 2-year-old golden retriever who bit Emily Spinucci, of Sunset Road, when she grabbed him by the collar last month. Spinucci called forth an animal dangerousness hearing before Dog Hearing Officer Jennifer McCarthy, Town Administrator Tony Barletta, and Town Counsel Dan Skrip. There, Spinucci urged the town to rule Tucker a dangerous dog and order his euthanasia. One big problem — Tucker is in Atlanta.

“I request that the town counsel have a ruling to get the dog back in here so that the euthanasia determination can be carried out,” Spinucci said. “That’s a murderer, and you’re letting him live.”

A murderer? Ma’am, it’s a dog. And if you’re alive to talk about it then it means he didn’t murder you.

The whole thing was largely her fault too:

On May 5, Spinucci knocked on her neighbor David Horrigan’s door to pay his family a visit. When Horrigan, Tucker’s then-owner, opened the door, Tucker ran out to greet her. Spinucci bent down to pat the dog, and when she stood up, the dog ran off down the street. Horrigan and Spinucci walked down the hill trying to retrieve the retriever. While Horrigan walked back to get his car, Spinucci followed Tucker to Spring Road, where he stopped to defecate. In a letter to Animal Control Officer Scott Grieves, Spinucci wrote that she bent down at the waist to catch Tucker while he stopped to do his business. She wrote that the dog then bit her hand and forearm when she grabbed his collar.

“I screamed, backing away, and Tucker kept jumping up and biting my forearm multiple times,” Spinucci wrote. “I began kicking him while trying to get away from him. He lunged at me, biting me in the hip.”

Spinucci wrote that the bite to her hip sent her to the ground, where she alleged the dog continued to bite her. After she suffered bruises and cuts to her torso, face, hip, and leg, Spinucci urged Horrigan to put Tucker down.

So she kept the door open, let the dog run out, grabbed him by the collar when he was trying to drop off some fido fudge, acted surprised when she got bit, and now wants the dog to be killed for her actions provoking it? According to the vet it was her fault and the dog should not be euthanized:

Horrigan consulted his veterinarian, Dr. Steven Stasiak, who he said was unwilling to euthanize Tucker. In an open letter, Stasiak wrote that Spinucci had provoked Tucker.

“This person grabbed Tucker by the neck while he was trying to defecate. I believe this incident was caused by human error. This bite was provoked,” Stasiak wrote. “I do not believe that Tucker should be considered a dangerous dog or euthanized due to behavioral issues.”

The owner, David Horrigan, was considerate enough of her feelings to send the dog back to its breeder in Atlanta as a gesture to his neighbor.

Following his veterinarian’s advice, Horrigan did not euthanize Tucker, and instead arranged to surrender him to his breeder in Atlanta — a move that he said was to “do the right thing” for Spinucci.

“I couldn’t put the dog down if I wanted to,” Horrigan said. “Emily should not have to live in the same town as this dog.”

He didn’t have to do that, but he chose to because he was being mindful of his neighbor. But that wasn’t enough for her. Emily Spinucci wouldn’t be satisfied until she knew that dog was no longer breathing:

Spinucci, however, was not satisfied with Tucker’s relocation, and requested that the town rule to bring the dog back to Nahant to be euthanized.

“We made our point perfectly clear that we wanted that dog to die. Why did you then send the dog back? You’re your own judge and jury, David Horrigan, with no regard for me as the victim. You’re victimizing me again,” she said at the hearing.

Welp, there it is. The most sadistic thing I’ve ever read. Imagine wanting a dog to die for being a dog?

Newsflash – you’re not a victim. You were a stranger who grabbed a dog by its collar and it defended itself.

Unfortunately for her the board can’t extradite a dog from another state, and the law states that a dog can’t be deemed dangerous if it bites someone after being provoked. Nevertheless, she doesn’t want her neighbor to ever be allowed to own a dog again.

In response to Spinucci’s request, Skrip said the town did not have legal authority to order Tucker’s breeder to send him back to Nahant.

“If you’re asking the legal question of whether or not we have the authority to go into another state and pull Tucker into Massachusetts, we’d have to research that, but it would be a long shot, to be frank,” Skrip said at the hearing on May 31.

The law also stipulates that a dog can not be deemed dangerous if it acted in response to being provoked, teased, threatened, or assaulted. Since Horrigan no longer owns Tucker and the dog no longer resides in Massachusetts, Skrip said the town’s ruling would ultimately only be recognized in the Commonwealth. Spinucci also requested that the town block Horrigan from ever obtaining a dog license again in the future — a request that Horrigan said was unreasonable and unwarranted.

“There is no evidence suggesting there was negligence in our care of Tucker — no evidence whatsoever,” Horrigan said. “There’s just no basis, legally or otherwise, that we should not be allowed to have another dog.”

Horrigan’s lawyer put it best:

“This is where delusion sets in — the idea that she wants to see the dog hung in town square, or she wants to see blood in the center of town, that’s not how you resolve these cases, it’s just not,” Cohen said. “She thinks that she’s a major victim here, but she’s imparting these human-type instincts to this dog — these negative, mean, angry things that just don’t exist. This is what happens when you get your information from watching TV shows.”

Imagine how sick you have to be to demand that this dog, which you’ll never see again, be transported back to Massachusetts so you can watch it die.

First of all, you got bit because you provoked him. It’s 100% your fault.

Secondly, the owner catered to your feelings by getting rid of Tucker, even though he didn’t have to.

Thirdly, the dog can’t bite you if it lives in Georgia. Whether or not Tucker is alive does not affect your life in any way. They could tell this woman he was hit by a car, but that wouldn’t be enough for her because she clearly won’t be satisfied until it’s hung at high noon. Her thirst for bloodlust will not be satiated until she literally watches someone else inject chemical’s into the dog’s body and experience the joy of Tucker taking his last breath. Only then can her wounds begin to heal.

As you can imagine, she’s not very popular in the Facebook comments section right now. Luckily her boomer friend Loreen Tirrell wrote a letter to the editor that was published in the Lynn Item, in which she defended the Vice Principal’s honor:

Mr. Cammalleri states in the first paragraph of the article that Emily “grabbed him by the collar.” If Mr. Cammalleri was in the hearing as I was, listening to every word, he would have heard her say she never had a chance to grab the collar. She waited until the dog completed his business, allowed him to sniff the familiar hand that had been petting him moments earlier at his home, and then started to slip her other hand under the collar. Before she could grab it, he bit her outstretched hand.

Except it was Emily herself who said at the hearing that “my fingers got in his collar,” while he was pooping. Cool your jets, Loreen.

Please, tell me more about “decency,” “compassion,” and “saving lives,” as you advocate for a pet to be executed for biting your idiotic friend who provoked the whole thing in the first place.


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  1. Did this Busted ass Cruella Deville want to Make a Golden Retriever coat as well? What the Hell is Wrong with this woman???
    She attacked an innocent dog in the middle of his daily constitutional and Literally scared the crap out him. I would have bit the witch! Then she proceeded to kick the dog and Some where in the deep dark recesses of her miniscule mind thought that would make the situation better??

  2. This lady is the result of the Industrial Revolution and simply never being punched in the face. The only resolve at this point would be if Horrigan brought the dog back and had Tucker shit on her lawn every day.

  3. He’ll to the Nah. To the Nah. Nah. Nah. Does she really wanna know what an unprovoked attack feels like!? What a cuuuuuuuuuuunt!!!!!!!! Get out of the courts. Stop harassing this individual. Leave the dog alone. Just stfu, lady! Guess who cares? Just you.
    “I want it to die” what?! Jesus, woman.
    Go get therapy!!! Your issues are not with the dog.

    Don’t therapy dogs go to these schools, thoughhhh someone protect them from this mongoloid of dogs. Pure creatures without hate. They react to the stimuli around them. Which was this douche.

  4. this is repulsive. this woman was mauled. you are all severely underestimating the situation. she was bit twelve times even after trying to back away from the dog. normal dogs stop after one bite. this woman was attempting to get away and she was continuously attacked. she may be going overboard with demanding that the dog be brought back to massachusetts, but this doesn’t change the fact that no matter where the dog lives, he has the opportunity to do this again. he could do this to a child. this was barely a provocation— you could argue for that in the situation that she was only bit once or twice. she was on the floor and getting repeatedly bitten. there were no tells to say that this dog before it began biting her was aggressive in any manner as spinucci had pet the dog with no problems before he ran away. none of you understand the mental distress this woman must’ve been after being tackled and bitten by a dog over and over. none of you are thinking about her side for a second. again, repulsive.

  5. Alright so this article is INSANELY BIAS like to a whole new level so I’m taking it with a HUGE grain of salt. First off it’s understandable that if a woman is muled she’d be terrified and upset and worried that it could happen to someone else. I understand the vet said that the dog was provoked but if your dog is provoked by a grab to the collar
    …someone trained it very poorly. Personally I think sending it out of state was enough PROVIDED the boy stays out of state and gets the training he needs. As someone who’s been around dogs my entire life I have NEVER had one get angry for a grab at a collar expecially one that knows who I am. Dogs are most often bred to be companions so I think it’s completely on the owner for the dogs behavior and I agree that he shouldn’t own another dog. Maybe she’s going a BIT overkill but remember that she’s going through a lot right now because that’s a terrible experience. The dog didn’t just bite her it was a lot worse than that. Imagine if this was done to a child, I feel we would have a lot more empathy for this woman. Or if the dog was human, imagine if she was punched 12 times instead of bit. No we wouldn’t want the person murdered but we would want them behind bars. She’s not evil she’s TRAMATIZED and will be for the rest of her life.
    And on a last note, articles like this that are heavily HEAVILY one sided are not the kind of articles to take as the end all be all. Try to find information that seems like they’re in the middle and not leaning so far to one side that they’re basically jumping off a cliff.

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