Malden City Councilor Forced To Apologize After Police Break Up 21st Birthday Party For Daughter


Malden City Councilor Jadeane Sica-Bernbaum is evidently in some hot water for throwing her 21 year old daughter a small outdoors birthday party.

My opinion on this one completely depends on whether or not this woman is a Karen. If she’s not then I have her back 1,000%. If she is, then she deserves to be dragged through the mud for being a hypocrite. But I see no evidence by looking through her social media that she’s ever tried to use her authority as an elected official to push social distancing and masks on people, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve never heard any news out of the City of Malden about them being strict about it at all. I have no idea who the Mayor of Malden is, which means he’s probably not that bad. The only Mayors I know by name (Curtatone, Rivera, Walsh, Petty, Driscoll, that greasy meatball from Everett) are the virtue signaling, power hungry tyrant Mayors. The worst I saw was this.

That’s nothing when compared to some of their neighboring communities.

This woman should be allowed to throw a party for her kid with friends over and not have someone call the cops on her or feel the need to explain herself. I’d have a lot more respect for her if she posted “mind your own God damn business Karen” and left it at that. Because even when you “come clean” like this, the Karens will never be pleased.

How bout you mind your own God damn business instead Becky?

“You not only knowingly endangered your own family and friends, but all of ours as well.”

Oh boo hoo. You’re young and healthy looking. You and your crotch fruits have a better chance of getting mauled to death by a pit bull named coronavirus than you do being killed by the actual coronavirus. Because statistics and facts matter.

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Others had her back.

But here’s the thing – if you’re going to defend your friend for disregarding the lockdowns, then you can’t be a Karen yourself.

Or this guy.

Warren Lynch – “You have a big heart.”

Also Warren Lynch – “You’re trying to kill people on purpose.”

Every rational person knows in their heart of hearts that this is all nonsense. They know that friends should be allowed to gather for a birthday party. They know that it’s crazy that people feel empowered to call the police when they see more than 10 people in the same place at the same time. They know that this party isn’t going to kill anyone. So we need elected officials to set the tone and tell Karen to mind her own God damn business. Instead we have politicians all over the country urging citizens to turn on each other and become government narcs. This is the culture they’ve created.


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