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Malden Man Sells Food Stamps On Facebook Just Days After Threatening Suicide By Cop


For NSTB’s unfiltered take on this story click here to read it on TBS.

Food Stamp abuse is rampant in this country, but no one ever seems to address it. However, as you know if you’ve followed the Food Stamp Friday series we began it a couple years ago, it’s so widespread that people don’t think twice about selling food stamps publicly on Facebook.

Selling $200 worth of stamps for $100 is a steal, as normal Facebook prices range from 60-75% of face value. It’s sad that I know this.

Charlie Hayes is from Malden, and appears to be able bodied.

He has frequent run ins with the law.

And he’s in and out of jail a lot.

Just a couple days ago he posted on Facebook that he was going to commit suicide by cop, rather than go back to jail.

Notice no comments or reactions at all. Normally if someone posted something like that everyone would be freaking out. But as it turns out Charlie has a tendency to cry wolf about suicide for attention and pity on his Facebook page.


Pro tip – after the first time you threaten to commit suicide on Facebook and don’t go through with it, this is how people are going to react to your next suicide post.

He’s in one of those dirty laundry Facebook relationships with a lovely woman named Amanda Marquardo from Revere, where one day they post about how much they hate each other, and the next day they’re talking about how much stronger they are as a result of their most recent blowup.

Dog filter for days.

Sadly, she seems to have a child, who God willing is not subjected to the food stamp Friday lifestyle, but quite possibly is the bait that gets the food stamps in the first place.

Although in Massachusetts since addiction is considered a “disease” it’s also possible that someone like Charlie Hayes could acquire government assistance on the basis that he can’t stop putting poison into his body. Because as you saw from his post today, giving food stamps that cash value on the streets to a drug addict is a high percentage move.

Politicians like to pretend that food stamp abuse is rare. It’s not. And I’m not against a safety net for people who are using government assistance as a boost towards self-sufficiency. My problem is that many people use it as a way of life, which keeps them dependent on the government forever, and leads to rampant abuse like the one you just read about in this blog. To report this food stamp abuse, click here


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