Man Arrested For Forcing Drivers Off Mashpee Roads With Dangerous Stunts Has Done Thing Many Times Before


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Cape Cod is heating up for the summer:

One person was arrested after some ATVs led Mashpee Police on a wild and dangerous ride. Some vehicles were reportedly forced off the road during the incident which took place around 6:30 PM Sunday evening in the area of Route 130 and Lake Avenue. In response to a Cape Wide News request, Mashpee Police Chief Scott Carline provided CWN a copy of the incident report. The report states that Mashpee Police began monitoring ATV activity at Attaquin Beach off Lake Avenue after numerous complaints that included erratic operation that endangered other motorists and pedestrians. The operation also caused gouge marks in the beach and rubber marks in the parking lot according to the report. The report says the subjects flipped the finger and swore at the officers. Officers did not engage the ATVs at that time due to safety concerns.

Officers reported that at 6:28 PM, there were about 3 ATVs and 2 dirt bikes in the beach lot. When they saw the cruiser they took off. “Some of them went down the beach and fled via the State Boat Ramp parking lot. A gray ATV rounded the shed at the end of Lake Ave and squeezed through the boulders and fled right past me (Ofc. Dimitres) down Lake Ave toward Rt. 130. The white ATV with blue accents, that I (Dimitres) saw earlier today, did a few “donuts” on the beach then went around the grass by the picnic tables, past them, crossed over the newly paved basketball court, went up the grass covered hill, then down a steep embankment and onto Lake Ave. it then fled out toward Rt. 130.”

Within minutes, Sgt. Michael Assad reported he was observing a male on a white and blue ATV hiding behind a shed in the Community Gardens whom he had previously seen earlier in the day operating recklessly. Sgt. Assad pulled up to the ATV with the operator unaware of his presence due to him texting on his phone. When the male saw Sgt Assad, he tried “frantically to jump start the ATV.” Sgt. Assad ordered the subject to get off the ATV and lay on the ground. When Sgt. Assad deployed his taser illuminating the his chest with two red lights he complied.  Officer John Dimitres arrived and the subject was taken into custody without further incident. Once his goggles were removed, he was identified as Jonathan Frye, 29, of West Wareham. He was charged with operating negligently to endanger, vandalizing property, disorderly conduct (subsequent offense), unregistered recreational vehicle, and unregistered recreational vehicle on a public way.

When I was 29 years old I was working 50-60 hours a week and getting ready to get married and start a family. Twenty-nine year old Jonathan Frey from Wareham has different priorities.

The real crime here was the jorts.


Jonathan Frye has been posting videos of himself breaking the law by driving his ATV on public roads for years now.

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On May 12 he posted a video of himself and others driving through downtown Providence, just inches away from cars coming in the other direction, while doing dangerous maneuvers that could easily kill or injure him and innocent civilians.

Posting it on Facebook was a wise choice for sure, especially since he has previous arrests for this in Boston. No one can see what you post on Facebook.

According to his Facebook page he has a newborn child and other children at home while he does this.

Perhaps he should reconsider his priorities, like getting a job and taking care of his children. Becasue I have bad news for Jonathan – selling pot isn’t nearly as lucrative as it used to be now that marijuana is legalized.

Behavior like this used to be localized to high crime areas like Dorchester and Providence. But now that Brockton figured out how to cross a bridge stuff like this has become more commonplace. And on the Mashpee Message Facebook group some citizens expressed their discontent and were met with excuses from supporters of Mr. Frye.

  1. Having the same hobbies at 29 as you did when you were 5 isn’t something to be proud of.
  2. The fact that your parents allowed you to be reckless growing up doesn’t mean you have a right to terrorize innocent people by doing this on a public road.
  3. The lack of “something to do” doesn’t mean it’s OK to break the law.
  4. He has something to do – getting a job and taking care of his kids at home.

This goes well with the “at least they’re not doing drugs and committing more serious crimes” argument.

As if those are your only options in life.

His family members also showed up to defend his criminal behavior.

Congrats on the dirk bike titles. We’re all very impressed.

Evidently Jonathan Frye is of Native American descent, which according to one commenter makes his behavior OK.

Courtney, the only people bothering other people are people like Mr. Frye. He is not kind, and the fact that he is a member of an ethnic group that makes up less than 1% of the population is irrelevant. You are not “living peacefully” if you’re driving innocent people off the road due to your reckless behavior. If you truly want to live peacefully then I suggest staying home and being with your family.


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