Man Arrested For Recording In Women’s Bathroom At Mall Of New Hampshire For Over An Hour Has An Interesting Past


Here’s an interesting story out of Manchester. (For MVTB’s much more colorfully worded take on this story click here to read it on TBS)

I’m sorry, but this human being is the real victim here. The transphobic, cisgendered woman who alerted the police and assumed his/her/their gender is the real criminal here. Poor lady probably just wanted to unload some of that Sbarros on the porcelain throne, and this busy body had to jump to conclusions without even asking what he/she/zey identifies as. For shame.

Sad part is that under our current laws this would be a perfectly justified defense. He’s just not smart enough to figure that out on his own.

Usually when you see a story like this it’s some guy who looks like he lives in Mom’s house and plays dungeons and dragons all day. But this is how Travis Demers rolls.

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Sweet black Jesus. Obviously Travis is a baller extraordinaire, which explains why he can’t find a girl on his own and has to resort to smelling their dumps in order to get close to panty dropping.

As you can see, he came from a very rough background.


He didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose him.

Despite the nature of his crime he still had enablers out in full force, making excuses for his behavior.

Sitting in a women’s bathroom stall for an hour pretending to defecate so that you can listen to women tinkle and take pictures of it for later use isn’t a “bad choice; it’s a lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s sad that both his parents died, but he’s not the first person that’s happened to, and it doesn’t excuse or rationalize this crime. Just ask his brother.

When your own flesh and blood shows up to call people out when they make excuses for your ratchet behavior you know you have no redeeming values.

And just in case anyone there was any question that Travis isn’t doing this because he’s sad about his parents, last year he was publicly shamed on Manchester Information (the WINY Radio of the north) after he had a standoff with the police on a warrant for conspiracy to commit robbery.

And the year before he was riding dirty with his friend when they got pulled over and got caught with two guns, weed, crack cocaine, and cash. The cops let him off the hook for that one.

Stop making excuses for crappy behavior. People make their choices and they have to live with the consequences. If both of his parents were still alive there is no doubt in my mind that he’d still be sitting in bathroom stalls at a mall near you, getting his jollies off of the sweet sensation he gets when he first hears that sweet, magnificent “plop.”


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