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Man Calls Out Worcester Police For Lying About Car Crash, Seeks Praise For Being Hero, Wants $400 For Pictures From Scene 

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (47:20) and Ethan Desseta called into the show.

Earlier in the week the Worcester Police Department made a post about an allegedly heroic police officer who saved a man’s life by cutting his seat belt and removing him from his vehicle before it burst into flames, after his car crashed on Route 20


However, this version of events was disputed by a man in the comments named Ethan Desseta.


The hat.

According to Ethan the “second police officer” was actually him, he arrived at the scene at the same time the female officer did, and he had to get a knife from his car to cut the seat belt because she didn’t have one.

If he really did pull the door open, get a knife, and cut the man’s seat belt when the officer was unable to, then I agree this is extremely disappointing that the official press release didn’t mention any of that. The female officer omitted this from her report, and she also lied when she said that it was her knife that was used. Ethan has every right to call them out for this, and if he did what he said he did then he should be widely praised and even honored by the police.

On the other hand, there was just something about Ethan that didn’t sit right with me. First of all, according to his own story he wasn’t the one who pulled the man from the vehicle. Secondly, he’s claiming he doesn’t want praise for this while also spamming the comments section relentlessly about what a hero he is. The whole thing has turned into an anti-police circle jerk. He made a post on his own page bragging about his super human strength, blaming the officer for “wasting time,” and reiterating that the man in the car would’ve been dead if he hadn’t arrived.


Again, I’d feel the same way if I was in his position and was intentionally left out of the story in order to glorify a cop who didn’t have a knife on her. But his claiming that he didn’t want credit while simultaneously demanding credit came across as self serving. Even if his story was true, the officers were still the ones who dragged him out of the vehicle before it exploded. He helped by opening the door and cutting the seatbelt, but he wasn’t the only reason this man lived.


The Turtlegram and Gazette saw his post and reached out for comment. On Tuesday they published a story about it that basically repeated the things he posted on Facebook. This time the police did confirm and admit that Ethan helped, but claimed that Officer Marisa Gaspar had a knife, it just broke. Police also claim they tried to track him down afterwards but that he had left.

I spoke with an officer who was on the scene shortly after the accident and saw no sign of Desseta. He described a chaotic scene on the busy road, so it’s understandable if they didn’t immediately seek him out and give him a medal for bravery.

Ethan continued to call them out for allegedly lying on his page while bragging about how he saved this man’s life.


Ethan also seems to have a negative bias towards police officers, since he appears to be a support of the anti-police communist organization known as “black lives matter.”

Again, he should be credited for doing what he did. But at the same time, the police officers also pulled an unconscious man out of a burning vehicle before it exploded. They had no idea when the car would engulf in flames and could’ve easily been killed themselves. Officer Gaspar might’ve lied or omitted details on her report, but she didn’t stand there and do nothing like Ethan is making it seem. She’s also previously won the Exemplary Service Award for Valor after disarming a violent felon.


Ethan also said that he took photos and videos, opined that the cops were just doing what they get paid to do, and told a critic that he “prayed” he would run into them in person.


What really turned me off about Ethan was the fact that he said media outlets could purchase the photos from him.

If you really did all this and you have pictures of it, why not show them? Why was he trying to profit off of this? He has also updated his Facebook account with his Cashapp in his bio after getting more attention from his attention seeking, self serving posts and comments.

I reached out to him and told him that I wanted to write a story with his version of events included, and asked him to send me the pictures and videos he had. He told me he was in the middle of a bidding war with media outlets, and that I’d have to top the $300 offer he got from Fox 25. However, he said that he would cap it at $400.


He must’ve realized what a twat this made him look like and he unsent the message.

Police sources I have spoken with tell me there is a video of the entire incident that the union wants to have released because it disputes some of the things Ethan claims he did, but that the higher ups are dragging their heels. If the video is released we will update this story accordingly.

For what it’s worth Ethan also is the kind of guy to leave negative, self serving reviews about his Audi’s window tinting.

“A shame if you ask me because I have a large social media following and I always help promote local businesses free of charge.”

He has slightly over 2,000 followers on Instagram, and just over 100 on Facebook. But he’s a VERY important person, and businesses should feel thankful for his generosity when he says nice things about them on on Facebook without even charging them! He “always” promotes local businesses, even though this is the only review of any business that he has on his Facebook page.

Ethan also lives the life of a baller, promoting his music, drinking Hennessy, smoking blunts, and getting pulled over driving 140 mph in his BMW.

Living the baller life while doing Door Dash at 1 in the morning. Relax Spanky.

Diego Door Dash also posted a video of him and several bikers dangerously driving through sharp turns in the mountains at high rates of speed, while traffic is coming in the opposite direction.


I wasn’t there when the accident happened, and it’s disappointing that the police omitted Ethan’s involvement completely. But at the same time, he’s clearly an attention seeking egomaniac who doesn’t like police in general, and he’s trying to profit off of the help he gave at the scene by letting the cops use his knife.


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