Man Calls TB To Have 2 Year Old Blog Removed About Woman Arrested For Fornicating At MBTA Stop In Boston


I received a phone call on Sunday from an unidentified man who wanted this 2018 blog removed. I’ve had so many bloggers come and go that I have no idea who wrote this blog, nor do I remember it. But apparently they were nicknamed the Dorchester Syphilis Swappers, and they were arrested for having sex at a MBTA train station. The woman, Iyoki Ortiz, had warrants out for drug violations and assault & battery. This caller was contacting me on her behalf and made the case for why it should come down.

Pro tip – if you harass me on a Sunday and want me to do a favor for you, you need to come better prepared than this guy. How do I know she’s changed her life around?

“You don’t have to know. You just have to take it down.”

See, that’s the thing ma’am – you need something from me, not vice versa. You’re not in a position to not answer my questions.

“I can get legal with this.”

That would be awful! I’ve never been sued before!

What evidence was there that this woman, who saw nothing wrong with having sexual intercourse with a junkie in broad daylight at a train station, had turned her life around?

“I cook for her Mom”

Well then, that settles that.

It should be noted that the blog was written in March of 2018. He told me that she gotten her kids back, but she posted this on Facebook months after the blog was written.

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I have no idea what any of that means, but apparently she’s looking for any person on Facebook to adopt or foster her two crotch fruits, presumably so she can get them back. I don’t think she understands how adoption works. Not exactly a strong sell that she has changed her ways.

The blog is still up because this man did everything you’re not supposed to do if you want a blog taken down. I’m not a monster. I don’t want a blog about you following you around the rest of your life if you’ve changed and are trying to get a job. I will take a blog down if the person is genuine, shows contrition, and can convince me that they’ve changed. This man didn’t do any of that. Instead he threatened to sue, accused me of being racist, and told me that newspapers completely erase all their content every few days. I also need to hear directly from the blog subject, because if you can’t even speak for yourself then you don’t deserve my generosity.

More than anything, don’t blame Turtleboy or anyone else for what you did to end up on the blog. If you ended up on Turtleboy it was a direct result of your own life choices, and if you can’t own up to that then you’re not truly remorseful.


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