Man Claiming To Be Aaron Hernandez’ High School Lover In Netflix Documentary Lied Several Times About Being Star Quarterback At Bristol Central


Netflix released another Aaron Hernandez documentary and it was exactly what you imagined it would be – three hours of people making excuses for why one of the NFL’s best tight ends suddenly decided to become a serial killer. At no point do they ever ponder that he was just a morally bankrupt individual, who was blessed with great genes and athletic ability, and threw it all away to be a gangsta in stead. At one point they even blamed the fact that weed wasn’t legalized yet in Massachusetts, which forced him to go to his old friends in Connecticut (Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz), and his association with them was his downfall.

They also had Boston Globe reporter Maria Cramer on, who like many before her blamed Herandez’ suicide on Gerry Callahan, Kirk Minihane, and Michele McPhee for “outing” him and making butt sex jokes on the Kirk and Callahan show in April 2017. This happened days before Hernandez killed himself, so the thinking goes that Hernandez was listening in his cell, got his feelings hurt, and decided to end his life.

The Netflix documentary had a guy named Dennis SanSoucie and his father Tim on a lot too. Dennis says that he was the quarterback, but also is claiming to be Hernandez’ gay high school lover, and really seemed to be enjoying the fame.

“We liked to horseplay.”

“I was a small piece of Aaron’s sexual activity.”

“Me and Aaron experimented and it was something we continued because we enjoyed it. Umm….hello?”

“We were in a relationship back then, but at the time you didn’t think about it that way.”

Dennis seemed to like the camera a little too much, and the whole thing sounded contrived. I did a little searching into him and I’m convinced he’s a pathological liar at this point.

Hernandez isn’t alive to deny any of this. If you want to say you were the gay lover of a NFL player then do it when they’re alive. It’s not like Hernandez could hurt him when he was in jail.

During his many sound clips Dennis made it sound as if they were the two stars of the team:

“The minute we stepped on the field together it was the two best players. Quarterback and tight end, ready to rock and roll.”

Except there wasn’t much rockin or rolling going on. Dennis is listed as a running back and linebacker for Bristol Central High School.

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He played four games at quarterback as a junior, but his numbers pretty bad considering he had a future NFL tight end to throw to. He completed less than 50% of his passes in four games before getting benched.

As you can see, he didn’t play quarterback senior year, a year in which Hernandez became the state player of the year.

So who was throwing the ball to him? That would be junior Matt Coyne.

Bottom left.

You’ll notice that in all of Hernandez’ highlight videos it was always #7 throwing to him, not #11 (SanSoucie).


During SanSoucie’s senior year he threw just one pass for 25 yards, while Coyne threw for 2,402 yards with 26 touchdowns.

Which means he came in during a blowout, an injury, or to run a trick play.

But remember, they were the “2 best players on the team.”

“Ready to rock and roll.”

On top of that, it does’t appear that SanSoucie was ever the starting quarterback for Bristol Central. Matt Coyne owns the top 3 school record for passing yards in a season.

Sidenote – Tim Washington was one bad mofo. Three thousand rushing yards? Madness.

Matt Coyne’s 2005 numbers were from his sophomore year, and SanSoucie’s junior year. That was the year SanSoucie played four games and completed less than half his passes. This would seem to indicate that Coyne either started that year at quarterback as a sophomore and got hurt, or SanSoucie started and was so bad that he had to be replaced. When you have a future NFL tight end on your team the coaching staff is going to want to have the best player in the school throwing to him, and that wasn’t Dennis SanSoucie.

Also, pretty impressive that Coyne had the most yards in school history the year after Hernandez left Bristol. Probably why he was hired to be the offensive coordinator for Anna Maria College in Paxton in 2017.

This all begs the question, if Dennis SanSoucie is willing to blatantly lie in front of the Netflix cameras about being an all-star quarterback, is he willing to lie about being Aaron Hernandez’ high school lover? The timing is convenient, since Hernandez is dead. It’s not the end of the world if he’s fibbing, but considering that Hernandez’ alleged homosexuality is what drove him to kill Oden Lloyd, and the fact that the Globe accused Gerry Callahan’s jokes of causing him to kill himself, it seems kind of relevant.

Anyway, lots of people are talking about this on social media so I figured it was worth actually publishing something about.


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