Man Gets Arrested At Lowell Gas Station For Trying To Break Plexiglass Window After Clerk Won’t Sell Him Gas Or Cigarettes 


Here’s a fun video of one of Lowell’s finest freaking out on a cashier at a Speedway for not selling him gas and cigarettes before getting placed under arrest and attempting in vain to flee.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why they have the plexiglass windows at gas stations in Lowell. Because you never know when a strung out crack donkey with a chinstrap will show up and throw metal objects at you for not selling them cigarettes and gas.

“Sell me some f***ing cigarettes. F***ing b****!”

Does this look like the face of a man who was leaving that Speedway without a pack of Newports?

As you can see by bootleg Jesse Pinkman’s pubestache, this gentlemen most likely dropped out of vocational school in the 10th grade and has never left Lowell.

“Who gives a f*** if I have an attitude. You’re a public servant. You sell me f***ing shit. It don’t matter if I have a f***ing attitude, this ain’t your f***ing house. You don’t own the f***ing items in here. So sell me a f***ing pack of cigarettes.”

She’s actually a private citizen working for a private corporation and she doesn’t have to sell you anything, but sure thing champ. We don’t see what came before this, but I would imagine he was even worse before the cameras started rolling, because you’d have to be the biggest douche canoe ever for a Cambodian woman not to sell you $12 cigarettes in Lowell. This is how they make all their money.

Also, if you’re going to resist arrest then make sure you do it before the handcuffs come on. The officers barely had to break a sweat when Twinkie McTweeker tried to make a break for it.

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I’m not a doctor, and I can’t be certain, but if you watch that video you carefully it appears as if that guy might be on some sort of drugs. If you know who he is please message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook, or email [email protected] If he’s got social media then screenshot everything now, because odds are it’s coming down.


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