Man Run Over On John Fitch Highway By Woman Fleeing Fitchburg Car Wash Dispute 


Some local ratchets at the Fitchburg Car Wash got into a disagreement over the weekend and handled their differences the only way they know how in Fitchburg – with hair pulling, dick measuring, and a man being run over by a car.

The dispute began as a couple spunk donkeys were pulling each other’s hair with some poor guy trying in vain to keep them apart.

It was quickly broken up as the tattooed woman in pink walked away in triumph.

As you can see she wore her favorite sports bra out that night so the men folk can stare at her glorious folds with the hopes of feeding her enough Henny that she ends up anointing them baby daddy #3.

But she was far from the only woman who wanted her licks at the driver of the vehicle, as a woman (who of course was barefoot at the car wash) attempted to get to her too.

Finally she was able to get into her car which was summarily blocked, so naturally she tried running over these Fitchburg speed bumps.

Just another night at the car wash for the mesh shorts mafia.

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Not sure what’s higher – the national debt, or the total amount of child support owed from people who appeared in that video.

The driver finally made her getaway but the gentleman in the green shirt wanted to make his feelings known by punching the front of her car.

That will show her!

Unfortunately another guy who attempted to give her a Fitchburg goodbye ended up getting hit and thrown to the ground.

The man who was run over disputes that he was involved and said he made it to work the next day.

In fairness, if you hang out at the Fitchburg Car Wash on a Friday night there’s at least a 40% chance you will be accidentally run over by a woman who just fought a bunch of crusty ho’s inside the car wash. That’s just science.

Then these grown men shook their fists and competed to see who was the biggest hardo on the John Fitch Highway that night by yelling at a car that they’d never see again.

So what was this all over anyway?

One of the gestation genies was evidently pregnant so of course she got into a fight and all hell broke loose. Because, Fitchburg.


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