Man Who Frequently Calls Other People Racist Becomes Victim Of Fake Hate Crime After State Rep Lies About Him Telling Her To Go Back To Where She Came From


This is Eric Sparkes from Georgia.

He’s a race baiting resistor who has been virtue signaling all week about how Trump’s a Nazi, and how his “send them back” Twitter rhetoric has been manifested in every day occurrences at local grocery stores.

And in the latest episode of “when keeping it woke goes wrong,” he became the newest face of alleged racism in America when Georgia State Representative Erica Thomas accused him of telling her to go back to where she came from at the grocery store.

She feared for her life, ladies and gentlemen. Because she got into a pissing match at the grocery store with a man who said mean words to her. And she got exactly what she wanted – pity and victim status.

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This is fantastic. A lot of people feel bad for Eric Sparkers. Not me though. He totally deserves this.

This was all I really needed to hear to understand the kind of politician Erica Thomas is.

“People are getting really out of control with this white privilege stuff.”

As soon as you use the words “white privilege” to attempt to make a point, I already know that you have no point. Especially if you’re an elected official, and a woman of color, who represents a district in which you are not a minority. I’m willing to be that being a white republican in her district puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

This woman is clearly using latest Trump-fueled outrage to make a name for herself. She readily admits that she was in the express lane with more items than she should have, which is the reason the confrontation began in the first place. And even if he did tell her to go back to where she came from, the fact that she’s so emotionally weak and fragile that she felt the need to run to social media and cry about it, should disqualify her from drafting and voting on legislation.

Then again, this is just what Erica Thomas has always done. She’s a fist in the air revolutionary.

An admitted fan girl of Jussie Smollett.

And someone who frequently uses social media to virtue signal about how she’s a victim of racism.

Of course the mainstream media had no interest in investigating whether or not this was true, because they’ve learned nothing from Jussie Smollett and Covington. This is what Erica Thomas was banking on.

The media has no interest in facts. They will push any agenda that makes Trump look bad.

So will many politicians on the left, which is exactly why the guy who was sharing her video tagged so many of them.

He tagged “the squad,” first of course. Because they’ll pretty much believe anything.

But even Stacy Abrams didn’t fall for it. She’s too busy holding onto the hoax that she won an election 8 months ago.

At least two candidates for President, and a Congressman with over a million Twitter followers immediately took to Twitter to blame this on Trump.

Beto O’Rourke might be the fakest, and most pathetic person to ever run for President. It says a lot about how unpopular Ted Cruz is that a guy as empty as Beto could give him a run for his money in a red state. Blindly believing race hoaxes like this is sadly how people like Beto and De Blasio plan to get back in the democratic primary race, which tells you a lot about the current state of the democratic party.

What Erica Thomas wasn’t counting on though, was that Eric Sparkes would come forward. But he did.

He crashed her press conference outside of Publix to set the story straight.

A Cuban democrat shows up to crush the narrative that he told her to tell her to go back to where she came from. She did Nazi that one coming!

“I’m a democrat,”has quickly become the new “I have black friends.”

He did admit in the interview to calling her the b word.

But he was right to do so. Because people who abuse the express lane at the grocery store should be called out for doing so.

Erica Thomas was mad that she was called the b word and wanted to vent. But she knew that being called that word doesn’t make headlines. However, she pays attention to current events, and she knows damn well that a woman of color who’s also an elected official being told to go back to where she came from would be headline news everywhere. It’s the same thing Adam Jones did at Fenway Park in 2017. Someone said something mean to him, which isn’t out of the ordinary at a sportball game. So he threw in racism because he knew it would sell.

But perhaps the most disturbing part about this whole episode is her willingness to use state powers to come after a private citizen she’s upset with. Look at the language she’s using.

“She vowed to make an example of out of him.”

“You are going to jail.”

This is an elected official vowing to user her power to get revenge on a private citizen. She literally wants to put this law abiding citizen in prison because he called her a naughty word. This is what actual Fascism looks like.

Finally she just came out and admitted that she made the whole thing up.

“He said go back, those types of words. I don’t want to say he said go back to your country or go back to you came from, but he was making those types of references from what I remember.”

Yet despite this admission the lie is still trending at the top of Twitter.

Don’t worry, Twitter totally will NOT try to use their platform to push certain narratives in order to manipulate public opinion and election results before the 2020 election. It’s a neutral platform after all. Regulation is bad.

Nevertheless, Erica Thomas is still trying to pretend that she was somehow victimized.

The racism industrial complex is alive and well in America.


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