Man Who Harassed And Intimidated Rayla Campbell During Peaceful Protest Identified As Activist Ernst Jean-Jacques, Has Been Stalking And Trashing Her Yard Signs


Peaceful protesters including this reporter were harassed, threatened, and/or assaulted by several men sent by Monica Cannon-Grant to stop us from protesting against the structural racism that allows people like her to maintain political power in Boston.

I wanted to identify three of them in particular. Jar Jar Shrinks.

Grandmaster Doordash.

And Skeevy Wonder.

So far I’ve only got one of them. Meet Ernst Jean-Jacques.

Ernst is a Penn State grad, friend of Marty Walsh, community activist, and member of a black fraternity that ironically flashes the “white power” signal.

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Yesterday he refused to engage with me, presumably because he only threatens women, and got up in the face of Rayla Campbell who bravely did not flinch as he provoked conflict with her.

He’s quite proud of himself for getting up in face of Rayla Campbell, calling her a race traitor, and refusing to back away from her during a pandemic.

Notice how he walks right past me in this video and chooses to get up in the face of a woman instead.

There was a time when behavior like this towards women wasn’t tolerated. Clearly this is a man who has never been punched in the face before, because he likely comes from a sheltered, comfortable environment. Back in the day behavior like this was corrected very quickly by the fear of being punched in the face. There’s a reason he didn’t get in my face.

Ernst pretends that he’s a thoughtful and oppressed freedom fighter, but in reality he’s just an unemployed loser who won’t ever have to get a real job because professional “activists” like him always find a way to live off of the racism-industrial complex. All he does is protest. In the last couple weeks he’s been from Washington DC to Holbrook to Cambridge to Newburyport.

He was honored by the Red Sox for his “activism,” because the Red Sox so desperately want to show that they care about black people, and are willing to honor the loudest person with a bullhorn by giving them a shoutout at Fenway.

The Red Sox want to honor an “activist” who “fights against social injustice.” But Ernst Jean-Jacques does the opposite of that. He supports a violent bigot named Monica Cannon-Grant who threatened a black woman, and protested on behalf of a rapist named Jacob Blake who got shot while trying to kidnap three kids from his rape victim. Why does Ernst Jean-Jacques hate black women so much?

He specifically has been targeting Rayla for a while and illegally trashed her yard signs in Allston.


Brittany Korovich is one of the white commenters who said “f*** her” as Ernst threw private property and political signs for Rayla in the trash. That’s because she too is a racist pig who hates black women who dare to think differently from her.

Brittany Korovich needs to stop being racist and Ernst Jean-Jacques needs to stop threatening and harassing women of color. I will not be silenced in my pursuit of racial justice for everyone.

In the meantime, if anyone knows the identities of the other two please email [email protected] or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook.


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