Man Who Illegally Parked BMW In Walmart Handicapped Spot Can’t Believe North Attleboro Couponing Couple Blockaded Car With Shopping Carts


I recently came across a Facebook page called Lorenzo Family Deals, run by North Attleboro couple Nicole and Mike Lorenzo, that posts about deals they find at retail stores, and documents their stockpile of supplies at their house.

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They were featured in the news a few weeks ago:

A North Attleboro couple’s coupon competitions have gone viral. Nicole and Mike Lorenzo started a TikTok account about their extreme couponing, showcasing their tricks to save money and friendly competitions to get the best deals.

“I won’t spend full price for anything,” Nicole said.

“She is the best couponer I’ve ever come across in my life — and I am the better clearance finder,” Mike said.

Good stuff. Normally I would have no interest in this sort of thing, although I get why others would. However, about a month ago they posted a video that was right up my alley showing themselves blockading a man with shopping carts at Walmart after he illegally parked his car in a handicapped spot. Watch:

God bless these people.

The video has over 7 million views, and the people who posted it live close by, which begs the question – how am I just seeing this now? If you guys ever see stuff like this please bring it to my attention by messaging me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or by emailing [email protected]. Shaming people who park in handicapped spots illegally has always been in the Turtleboy playbook, but Dildoseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat is one of the most egregious chodes to ever pull off the feat.

Newsflash – just because you dress like a short bus kid, doesn’t mean you’re handicapped.

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As you can see, no one in his party is handicapped either, and his Beamer had no business parking in that spot. People like this walk around our society thinking only of themselves, and can’t imagine that anyone would actually stand up to them. Homeboy was so upset by the temporary inconvenience that he smashed his car repeatedly into shopping carts on the way out, not caring if they slammed into other cars or human beings. Because, f*** society.

Most of the comments on the Facebook post are actually negative towards the Lorenzo’s for not minding their own business, but they did absolutely nothing wrong. People who illegally park in handicapped spots are a stain on society and should be named, shamed, inconvenienced, and banished from polite society. We’d all like to park in those spots because it’s easier, but since we’re supposed to be living in a civilized society we park a little further away so that people who don’t have the luxury of being able to walk can be closer to the stores. There are so many people out there like Dildoseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat who do this all the time and literally never once thought about why it was wrong. That’s why he was so surprised when he came out.

But letting people know how horrible they are is kind of our thing, so we’d love to find out this guy’s name. If any turtle riders out there would like to run license plate 2HAY 61 and let us know who the owner is, I can be reached on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson or email [email protected].