Man Who Killed Well Respected Business Owner In Auburn Was Spared From Prison By Taunton Judge Despite Violating Probation


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Fifty four year old Michael Robidoux, a well respected business owner from Worcester, was killed by wanted felon DeJesus Amaro when his car was struck by Amaro’s stolen vehicle on Route 20 in Auburn. Here’s what we know:

  • Amaro had warrants out for his arrest for violating his parole, stemming from two arrests over a 24 hour period in Taunton in July, 2018.
  • His arrests included charges of drug possession, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and felony breaking and entering.
  • A Taunton Judge chose not to incarcerate him after the July 2018 arrests and subsequent charges filed against him.
  • Amaro stole his friend Angel Velazquez’ car by taking the keys, claims that he smoked two blunts in the morning, and took at least two shots of Hennessy before killing Robidoux.
  • He was originally spotted driving erratically in Sutton, by evaded police. He was next seen in Auburn by the police driving west in the eastbound lane while passing vehicles. Before having the chance to pursue him he turned back into the westbound lane to avoid oncoming traffic, and hit a truck, then swerved back into the eastbound lane where he struck the car in which Robidoux was a passenger.
  • He ran from the scene of the crash and was found in the woods inside a concrete drainage pipe.
  • Police found a bottle of Hennessy in the driver’s side of the vehicle.
  • He is being held on just $50,000 cash bail in Worcester District Court.

As usual, a Judge has gotten an innocent person killed. They could’ve put him in prison, considering the felony charge and likelihood to reoffend, but instead chose to put him on probation, naively believing he would be able to obey the law while out. Consequently an innocent person had to die in order for him finally to be put behind bars.

Judges in this country are the closest thing we have to Gods. They freely violate the constitution, break the law, and endanger the public. They’re never held accountable because in this state they’re not elected, are given lifetime appointments, and have no realistic method for removal. If we want real criminal justice reform in this country it needs to start with reforming the roles of judges.

Of course many will blame this on the legalization of marijuana, even though I’d bet my life that he bought dirty weed from some Baxley-esque character. The real problem here is the Hennessy, which actually impairs driving, and is solely consumed by people who are on probation, have active warrants, or are trying to jumpstart a rap career.

As for this guy:

The mere fact that he associated with someone like Amaro tells me everything I need to know about him. That and the flat brimmed hat. I don’t believe for a second that this guy “stole” his car. He let him use it because that’s his boy.

Meanwhile, Michael Robidoux was a grandfather, business owner, and highly respected member of society. He’s dead and the killer is alive because a judge didn’t want to do their job. Robidoux, by the looks of his Facebook page, rubbed elbows with some powerful people, supported law enforcement, and donated plaques to both the Weymouth and Yarmouth Police in honor of murdered cops Michael Chesna and Sean Gannon.

Ironically, District Attorney Joe Early, who is pictured with him and will be overseeing prosecution of this case, has a track record of leniency and kept Auburn Police Officer Ron Tarentino’s killer out of prison because “jail wasn’t working for him.”

If you’d like to donate to Robidoux’s GFM you can do so hereOur sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Mike Robidoux.


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