Man Who Shot 2 Braintree Cops And Killed K9 Kitt Had Long Criminal History, Girlfriend He Beat Asks For Privacy While Honoring Him On Facebook


Two Braintree officers were shot and a police K9 named Kitt was killed during an ambush 75 feet into a wooded area where officers were responding to a domestic violence call from a well known Brockton criminal douchebag who was beating up his girlfriend.

Meet Andrew Homen.

Flat brimmed hat with sticker still on it, bathroom selfies, pubestache, from Brockton.

Nothing good was ever going to come out of this maggot, and the world is a better place without him. He had warrants out for his arrest and has plenty of Google trophies.

His girlfriend released a statement, claiming that beating her was out of character for Andrew, and said she wants privacy.

But shortly after he murdered a police dog and shot two cops she honored her abuser’s legacy by updating her Facebook cover photo, profile picture, and relationship status.

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Part of me feels bad for her because she was clearly in an abusive relationship and didn’t know any better, or didn’t have it in her to leave. After all, he said such sweet things to her on Facebook.



Sounds like she really wants her privacy.

It’s always the same story when cops are shot in Massachusetts. As soon as I saw the news I immediately assumed that the person who did it was a career criminal who should’ve been in jail already, and I was proven right once again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only “criminal justice reform” we need in this country is to do something about the judges and district attorneys allowing this revolving door for people like Andrew Homen. Until we do that cops will continue to get shot and our streets will never truly be safe.


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