Manchester Parents Who Kept 5 Kids In Feces And Cockroach Infested Apartment Bragged About Getting COVID Vaccine, Said They Deserved Their Welfare


Here’s a pretty horrible story out of Manchvegas.

Jesus H. Christ. Grandma Guttermuppet sure did a great job showing the Technicolor Tuna Tornado how to parent. She can’t clean her house, change her kid’s diapers, or get rid of the cockroaches, but she CAN get her hair died for Pride month. So that’s good.

Oh, and she’s vaccinated.

Ya got that? Her five kids under the age of 7 were sleeping in their own feces and bugs, and while this was happening she was bragging on Facebook about getting the commie cold vaccine. We are living in a world where getting vaccinated in order to protect yourself from a virus is more important than not raising your kids in a place that’s so filthy they could contract a disease that killed an entire family along the Oregon Trail.

Meanwhile on Facebook Eddie Ray King Jr is virtue signaling about how it’s not an entitlement for him to sit on his ass and collect social security because he “paid into” it, even though he probably never paid a dime into it.

It’s also not her first time doing this:

Authorities removed a 2-year-old girl from her filthy home and charged her parents with child endangerment. Dover police Captain Brian Estee said officers entering the family’s apartment found squalid conditions, including piles of dirty dishes, cigarette butts, scattered trash and clothing, and feces smeared on the girl’s bedroom walls. The child has been in state custody since last Friday. During a hospital checkup, police say the girl was found to have nutritional and other health issues. Her parents, Keith Champoux, 31, and Alicia Washok, 22, were charged with one count each of child endangerment.

This was in 2006. Feces, cigarettes, trash, and dirty dishes everywhere. The child wasn’t fed. She obviously lost this kid for good luckily, but then she decided to reproduce not once, not twice, but five more times!

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But at least she’s vaccinated.

Since our government is suddenly OK with forcing people to put a vaccine into their bodies that they don’t want for the common good of society, how come they can’t force people like this to tie their tubes or get the snip-snip for the good of society? Which one seems like a bigger threat to children – COVID, or these trashbags?


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