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Manchester Police Arrest And Shame 3 Men For Putting “Inappropriate” Stickers On Light Poles Urging People Not To Live In Fear


Like most police departments the Manchester Police can’t post every mugshot of every criminal they charge, so they can be selective in order to send a message to the public about the kind of dangerous criminals they protect us from. Yesterday they alerted the public that three thugs were arrested for crimes against humanity, but it didn’t go quite the way they planned.

Duck Signasty.

This happened over a month ago, which means the police dedicated weeks worth of resources into this investigation, and this was the result. Well done.

How utterly and embarrassing for the brave men and women of the Manchester Police Department that some nudnik who runs the social media account would make them all look this silly. I’m willing to bet 99% of cops on MPD saw this post and shook their heads, as they should because it’s humiliating. Read the room:

Look at all those likes. This is the “live free or die” state, arresting people for encouraging people to live freely, and they can’t even sniff the irony.

This might be the most self emasculating thing a police department has ever posted:

“Not only were the stickers inappropriate, but difficult to remove.”

Oh no, stickers! And they were difficult to remove! Someone could’ve broken a fingernail trying to get them off those…..poles and trash cans! Sure, trash cans are literally filled with trash, but a sticker on the outside? That’s disgusting! And I definitely feel comfortable with the government telling me that political messages that go against collective group think are “inappropriate.” What could possibly go wrong there?

If only they had any idea how ridiculous and Orwellian this sounded….

“Some of the messages made reference to living in fear and citizens being controlled”

Ya know what a great way to prove that the government is trying to control citizens is? Arresting and posting the mugshots of people who post stickers urging people not to live in fear or be controlled by the government. Just look at these scofflaws!!

Thank goodness their reign of terror has ended. Thank you Manchester PD for protecting society from this plague of stickers on BOTH SIDES of various signs and poles. This picture was great:

There’s literally graffiti on that sign that’s probably been there for years. The city did nothing about that, but the second you have a message urging people not to smother themselves with face diapers it’s a crime.

Side note – if you have a beard like that and 603 area code tattooed on your fingers, it means you’re never, ever leaving New Hampshire. Ever. These are the people who were born and raised in a red state, but have seen the flood of Massachusetts liberals cross their border looking for lower taxes, only to enact the same policies that led them to flee Massachusetts in the first place. They’re not surrendering their state to these people.

Funny that BLM protesters often didn’t wear face masks during protests and the cops responded by taking knees and validating this domestic terrorist group.

Sure, BLM Manchester was on Facebook making excuses for looting stores:

But at least they weren’t putting stickers on trash cans. Free thought is dangerous!

Apparently these criminal masterminds got word that there might be an investigation into them a few weeks ago so they went to MPD headquarters and spoke with a cop who said they weren’t in any trouble at all.

They offered to remove all stickers and were told “you’re not damaging anything” by the cops. Naturally then they had to be made an example of.

These gentlemen from Duck Signasty are 100% right. Masks do nothing to stop the spread of COVID. We know this because there are control groups like Florida and South Dakota that never had mask mandates and have had less cases and deaths per capita than states with mask mandates. It’s ridiculous and foolish to believe that smothering yourself with a cheap piece of fabric can somehow slow the spread of this virus. If anything it gives people the false confidence to gather closely in groups, which just leads to more spread.

The government isn’t just going to end the mask mandates on their own. The second they realize they can’t control you anymore this whole things ends. You thought this would end with a vaccine? LOL. Oh no, you still have to wear one even if you’ve been vaccinated, because…science. And you thought one mask was enough? That’s so October 2020. If you don’t wear at least 3 masks then you’re killing Grandma.

The bottom line is that these guys aren’t criminals, they’re freedom fighters and martyrs. And I’d love to have them on the Live show tonight to discuss. Message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson.


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