Manchester Woman Arrested For Facilitating And Recording Fight Between Minors After Video Gets Aired On Turtleboy Sports


A week and a half ago Turtleboy published a blog showing a 21 year old woman named Mikayla Reno urging two middle school girls to fight while she and other students recorded it after school in Manchester. Watch the full video here

As you can see, her sister had no business fighting this much bigger girl, who clearly did not want to use her physical capabilities to inflict harm on her adversary. Nevertheless, Ms. Reno insisted on “coaching” her sister how to assault another child, and when it was clear that she was losing she made them fight again.

The blog was widely shared in the New Hampshire area, it garnered the attention of local law enforcement, and on Friday Mikayla Reno was arrested for facilitating a fight between two minors.

Adult Facilitates Fight Between Two Minors

On May 31, 2019, Manchester Police arrested 21 year Mikayla Reno for her involvement in a fight that took place on Putnam Street last week. The fight which was captured on cell phone video, took place on May 23, 2019. The video showed 2 juvenile girls engaged in a physical altercation, each punching each other multiple times. Also in the video is an adult female, later identified as Reno, who appears to be facilitating the fight, giving one of the girls instructions on what to do next. At one point she separates the two girls, and then is heard saying “rebuttal, square up again” and directs the two to start fighting again. Reno was charged with Riot, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, and Simple Assault. There is no scheduled court date at this time.

Although the blog was instrumental in bringing this woman to justice, there were some who still argued that this form of public shaming was actually a bad thing.

Mr. Collins, I must disagree with your assessment that Turtleboy is a trash media outlet, as well as your belief that nothing positive comes from the website. Take for instance this blog celebrating this woman’s arrest. Ms. Reno being held accountable for her actions is in and of itself a positive thing. That doesn’t happen without Turtleboy. Certainly some of the people profiled would be considered “trashy,” and the language used in blogs is rather colorful, but the fact of the matter is that it gets results. You might not like the tactics Turtleboy uses, but you can’t deny the effect it has.

Others suggested that Ms. Reno did nothing wrong.

Ms. Kiera, I must object when you suggest that it’s ever appropriate for a 21 year old woman to facilitate a fight between middle schoolers. If she actually cared about the well being of her sister then she should teach her that the odds are against her if she picks a fight with a girl twice her size. Floyd Mayweather’s trainer wouldn’t have him fight Deontay Wilder. What she should’ve done, if her sister was being bullied, was have her mother contact the principal, explain what’s happening, and demand an action plan to end the bullying. This is how a civilized society works, even in Manchester.


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