Mansfield School Committee Member Arrested For Beating Daughter Has Long History Of Evictions And Arrests, White Women Blame Daughter For Being “Disrespectful”


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This is Vivian Webster from Mansfield.

She’s a politically active soldier for the Democratic Party who lists her job as a “transformational speaker” and “culture changer.”

In other words, she’s unemployed.

She became the de facto voice for black people in town back when BLM protests were all the rage in June of 2020.

Before that she ran for School Committee in 2020 and had a predictable woke bio:

Vivian is a social worker, mother of two and a local leader. She is founder and director of a non-profit catering to at risk families running for Mansfield School Committee. Upon graduating with a degree in Business Marketing, she worked as a market research director until she ultimately realized she did not have the greatest work/life balance. Putting family first, Vivian made a career change dedicating her time to those who needed a hand up in life.

Vivian offers a unique perspective on the strengths and weaknesses on how the district helps the neediest kids as a parent of students that have used special education services and as a woman of color who went through the METCO program. As someone who works with at risk families, Vivian has first hand knowledge of how we can do better, on issues including disciplinary issues and cultural competence training.

  • “As a woman of color”
  • social worker
  • works in nonprofits
  • cultural competence training

It’s one point away from a Woke BINGO.

Unfortunately for her she lost because the election was before the George Floyd protests. A month later she was complaining that another member of the Democratic Town Committee said something racist about her, and it led to demands for anti-racist education for members.

She ran for School committee again in 2022, and in the least shocking turn of events ever she approved of the school closings, forced masking of kids, and pushed for critical race theory to be taught in schools via the communist trojan horse of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

The communist’s blueprint for gaining control of all of our institutions is to start at the local level by turning out the vote for town elections. It doesn’t take much to win since turnout is always much smaller than the state and national elections. They see there are 2 open seats like there were in Mansfield, they handpick 2 candidates, and then they robocall their list of communist donors and voters and tell them that their opponents are Q-Anon Trump supporters trying to bring racism and segregation back to town. Vote for their 2 chosen candidates to stop this. This is basically what happened to me in Holden in 2021, and it happened in Mansfield and lots of other places in 2022.

White women in town who like black people and diversity so much that they moved to a town that was 94% white, were gushing were gushing over the idea of voting for a woke black woman. Their primary reason for voting for Vivian Webster wasn’t that she was qualified or anything silly like that, it was because one of her opponents named Ryan Barry was a Q-Anon supporters (whatever that is). 

Donald Trump lost Mansfield by 30 points, so anyone who’s given that label has almost no chance of winning. But the communists don’t take any chances, so the next phase of the blueprint was to send a mob full of people who have no intention of voting for Ryan Barry to his Facebook page, ask him bad faith gotcha questions, and then complain when he didn’t respond to their trolling.


Shut up Scott Weiner.

Of course Vivian and the other communist won.

But less than 2 months after her victory Vivian was charged with domestic assault for hitting her 16 year old daughter.

A newly-elected member of the town’s school committee is facing criminal legal woes for an alleged domestic altercation involving one of her daughters. Vivian C. Webster, 36, who was elected to a three-year term in May, pleaded innocent to a misdemeanor domestic assault charge June 17 in Attleboro District Court, according to court records. She was freed on her own recognizance and her case was continued to next month for a pretrial conference. At Webster’s request, her lawyer returned a call from The Sun Chronicle for comment Tuesday.

“This is a private family matter,” Boston lawyer Anthony Ellison said. “We fully expect this to be resolved in her favor.”


Webster is accused of slapping her 16-year-old daughter in the face, hitting her in the head and pushing her shoulder in a dispute that started with the teenager arguing with her sister at their apartment, according to a police report. The teenager texted and called her father, who lives in Attleboro, about 1 a.m. June 17 and the father called police about six hours later requesting a well-being check of his daughter, the reports says. The girl was checked by EMTs but she declined medical treatment, according to the report.

Keep in mind, they championed this woman not only because she’s black, but because she’s a mother.

Does Allison Daubert believe that black lives matter?

Or just when they’re adults? Doesn’t matter anyway because she’s vaccinated and didn’t want schools to reopen, which had disproportionate negative effects on students of color.

Vivian Webster is no stranger to the courts and has a long history of ratchet behavior. In 2019 she was arrested and charged unlicensed operation of a vehicle.

She didn’t show up for 2 court dates and had warrants out for her arrest, but ended up pleading guilty months later.

She was also charged with the same crime in Brockton District Court in 2017.

Is this the crime of the century? Not really. But personally, I like it when my schools are run by people who are eligible to have a driver’s license and don’t believe that laws don’t apply to them.

Just two weeks before the election she was in Attleboro District Court again for not paying her rent, despite the fact that she receives a $600 subsidy every month from Section 8. A mediator ended up working out a payment plan in order to avoid eviction.

Personally, I like it when the people who handle school budgets can handle their own, much smaller personal budgets.

It wasn’t her first eviction either. In 2018 while living in different subsidized housing in Mansfield, Vivian once again fell behind on her rent. There was a judgment against her for $2,250 and she agreed to pay $500 every 2 weeks to make up for it. Of course she ended up not doing that and was evicted.

Who cares if she beats her children and can’t pay her bills though? She believes in equity and the other guy was Q-Anon, so what choice did voters have?

Vivian also didn’t feel like paying back her student loans and had a $4,261 judgment against her in 2009.

The University of Phoenix online school isn’t cheap!

And a ratchet resume would not be complete without multiple judgments from credit card companies and banks, followed by a default on the payment.



But the arrest for assaulting her own daughter meant absolutely nothing to the woke white women of Mansfield, who made excuses for her and even accused her daughter and baby daddy of lying.

Barbara has worked with troubled teens before, and in her experience they’re all a bunch of liars. Good job enabling child abuse Babs!

Julia Cuellar Martin predictably pointed out that this is only happening because Vivian is black.


Yea, white women never get arrested for child abuse. It’s really no big deal, so Julia is gonna take it with a “grain of salt.”


Christina Casoni blamed the newspaper for reporting on child abuse charges against an elected official who’s in charge of the Mansfield Public Schools, accusing them of being right wing. She also accused the 16 year old girl of being a brat who “disrespected the authority of her parents,” and was upset that links to the Sun Chronicle article (which she called “slander”) were allowed on community Facebook pages.

Because apparently condoning child abuse is Christina’s thing, and reporting factual things is slander. Let’s pray that her baby never gets too sassy with her as they get older.

Roxanne Curbelo-Baker’s position was that “things happen,” and others blamed the father for alerting police.

Sometimes you just have to beat a kid. Things happen. Who amongst us hasn’t done that before? And I’m sure the black girl’s black father only called police 6 hours later because he’s racist, and not because she texted him at 1 in the morning when he was likely sleeping.


The fact of the matter is that if Vivian Webster was white, or God forbid conservative, these same people would be demanding she step down. But since she’s black and apparently has white privilege these same people will not only defend her, they will blame the people who think it’s kind of a big deal that an elected official was arrested for abusing her children. It’s hard being oppressed.


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