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Mansfield Teacher’s Union President Complaining About Going Back To School Has Been Going Out For Months, Wants Roller Skating Rinks Opened


This is Mansfield Educators’ Association President Scott Cohen.

He’s a kindergarten teacher and is really upset about the the fact that he has to go back to work.

With kindergarten students returning to full in-person learning at the Robinson Elementary School Monday, March 1, the Mansfield Educators’ Association (MEA) members released a statement saying the district disregarded their concerns about planning time and building cleanings.

“Educators are eager to work with their students in the classroom, but we are disappointed that the district would not agree to keeping one half day in the schedule to allow for coordinated planning necessary to meet the needs of students who choose to remain in remote-learning plans and to allow for buildings to be adequately cleaned,” said Mansfield Educators’ Association President Scott Cohen.

“It gets very complicated when quarantines take place,” Cohen said. “We wanted time to prepare in the event four or five students in a class were quarantined or an entire class was quarantined.”

Oh no, the teacher’s union is disappointed!! Whatever will we do now? Oh wait, turns out it doesn’t really matter what the union thinks, even though they’ve been holding society hostage for the last calendar year.

And what exactly do they need time to prepare for? It’s March. School started in September, they had the summer off, and they last were in school full time a year ago. In the real world when your boss tells you that you have a deadline for a project, you figure out a way to meet that deadline. You don’t get to whine about how unfair it is and refuse to go to work. Welcome to reality.

The waitress who makes half of his salary should “risk her life” to bring him tapas because his right to eat tapas is more important than the right of children to have a quality, in-person education. The waitress and cook’s lives are expendable and could die bringing him food he could easily make at home, but his life is precious and therefore he should never have to return to work until viruses no longer exist.

Scott can often be found virtue signaling about how he’s “schooling” parents about “facts” regarding why he can’t go to work.

Whining about HVAC’s, Zoom, and how hard he’s working on his couch.

Guys, he wrote some emails and learned about what a HVAC is. His job is really hard. And how dare you criticize the guy who “takes care of your kids,” while he refuses to go to work and take care of your kids. Instead of complaining about having to quit your job to do his job for him, you should be asking him how you can help him, because you haven’t sacrificed enough for him already.

He also likes looking down at the janitor’s who work in the district who have been back at work for quite some time now.

Yea John, you should be pushing for unity, not division. Now go to work while Scott sits at home writing emails and reading up on HVAC.

It’s OK to teach from home though because Mr. Rogers did it.

Just plop your kid in front of the TV and Big Bird will take over from there. BOOM – Education complete.

When he’s not virtue signaling about what a hero he is for being a teacher he’s virtue signaling about how he can help black people.

Because white people who assume black people need their help totally aren’t patriarchal or anything like that. How did black people ever survive without the benevolence of white people?

He’s also so worried about COVID that he’s going around and sharing petitions to reopen roller skating rinks before schools.

Turns out Scott and his husband are roller skating champions, and their need to roller skate comes before the needs of 5 year old children to learn how to read and write.

Thankfully Scott appears to have survived his first day of school without dying.

So the lesson here is that if districts just tell the almighty teacher’s union in town that they have to go back to school, they will go back. Sure, they’ll stomp their feet and whine about it, but the beauty of that is that nothing they say really matters. They got a year long vacation and hurt our children in the process, so they no longer get a seat at the bargaining table. Just shut up, go to work, and collect your check like everyone else.


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