Mansfield Woman Leaves $2 For $10 Baby Swing On Facebook Marketplace, Threatens To Smack The Seller With $8 Balance For Warning Others About Her


This is Cindy Flewelling from Mansfield.

The other day a woman posted a toddler swing on Facebook Marketplace for $10 and Cindy said she would leave the $10 in the mailbox for it. She ended up leaving $2 instead, but promised to pay back the other $8 before blocking the woman she got it from.

Some people might say, who cares? It’s just $8. But you can’t let ratchet stuff like this go. It is just $8, and it’s $8 that Cindy can afford with her nice new car there. She just left $2 because she’s used to people excusing her ratchet behavior. The fact that she blocked the the OP after that is further proof. At this point it’s not about the $8 so much as it is the satisfaction of a public shaming, so she posted it in all the local yard sale pages.

Meanwhile Bovine Barbie is living it up on Facebook, getting her nails done and eating “bomb crab legs” with perhaps the most mouth watering burger you’ve ever seen.

Talk about living the high life. Just look at that thing.

Who needs a roll when you can get yourself two slices of Wonder Bread?

Speaking of rolls, the only thing more ratchet than that burger is whatever in God’s name is going on here:

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I have so many questions. Most of them revolve around why she isn’t wearing pants and thought this would be a good thing to upload to Facebook.

The guy in the picture is her baby daddy Julio Parissi from Pawtucket.

The flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat on the father perfectly explains the behavior of the child. It always does.

Julio is no stranger to the Rhode Island courts.

He’s got Google trophies ranging from assault and battery, domestic violence, larceny, and violation of restraining orders.

The power couple also has several evictions under their belt.

So not paying people money they owe them is kind of their thing.

Cindy saw that she had been called out for stealing a baby swing in order to avoid parting with $8 and responded with a post of her own, threatening to smack the OP with $8.

Censoring f***ing, but not retarded is peak ratchet. If you’re ever in a position where you can’t come up with $8 then you should probably just wait until you get $8 before getting the swing. This isn’t a layaway program, it’s Facebook Marketplace. But the fact of the matter is she could afford the $8, she just felt like being a twat.

Some people in the comments said that Bovine Barbie was actually the victim here.

Simma down Karen.

And no one cares about your vaccine either Eyesenhower.

I wouldn’t like my name dragged all over social media, but a great way to avoid that from happening is to not steal a baby’s toy. The OP did the right thing by alerting the community because people like this don’t just do it once, and others have the right to be warned. Plus, Bovine Barbie is actually a horrible person who not only steals from people but threatens them when she gets called out for stealing.

Her feelings don’t matter. But if she’d like to come on the live show and talk about this she’s more than welcomed to message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook and we can make that happen.


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