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Marblehead Activist Mimi Lemay Gets Divorced, Sells $4.5 Million Home After Husband Objects To 2 Daughters Transitioning Genders, Ending Up In Hospital


Mimi Lemay is a transgender activist who we’ve written about many times before because she uses her “transgender” daughter as a prop to to enrich herself. She claims that her daughter told her that she was a boy when she was 2 years old, and instead of telling her she wasn’t she began to dress her as a boy and call her Jacob.

Since then she has paraded “Jacob” around the media and allowed politicians like Maura Healey and Elizabeth Warren to use her as a prop. “Jacob” got to address Senator Warren directly during a Presidential Town Hall, but she also uses her kids as props for all sorts of left wing propaganda they’re not even close to being old enough to understand the nuances of.


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Then, in the least surprising turn of events ever, Mimi’s oldest daughter decided that she was a made up term called “non-binary,” and would be addressed as they/them moving forward.

If you have three girls, and two of them end up deciding that they’re different genders, then that’s a direct result of their parents pushing it on them. The odds of that happening in any given home are one in a million, yet it exclusively seems to happen in homes with parents who are outspoken Democratic activists.

I have always blamed her husband Joseph for being complicit at worst, and silent at best, as his daughters are exploited for profit.


Any man who stands by as his wife abuses his children like this is no man at all. But according to sources close with the family Joe Lemay has had enough, and their marriage has fallen apart as a result of the psychological damage his daughters has suffered as a result of Mimi’s activism.

By the end of last school year “Jacob” was transitioning back to female, started wearing earrings, and ditched the chest binder.

Try to figure out who’s what gender in this family photo.

You can’t. It’s too confusing for adults, so imagine what it’s like for the kids.

However, during Pride month (June 2022), when Mimi needed to parade Jacob around again for her own self interests, her daughter was once again back to being her son.

Meanwhile, her oldest daughter reportedly has had severe mental health issues as a result of Mimi’s grooming, and pushing her to be “non-binary,” which has resulted in hospitalization and attempted suicide.

Normally I wouldn’t divulge information like this, but I won’t remain silent as such a prominent person abuses children in the public spotlight. Over the years I’ve been criticized for “bringing kids into it,” with stories like this.

Full stop (as they say in woke).

I will never apologize for advocating for children. Mimi Lemay would love nothing more than for the public to not know about the harm she has inflicted on her own children. Child abusers hide behind their children because they think it will insulate them from legitimate criticism. But if these people gave a damn about their kids the last thing they would ever be doing is putting them in the public spotlight at such a young age.

After their oldest daughter was hospitalized Joe Lemay finally woke up and realized he was married to a psychopath. They filed for divorce and sold their Marblehead home for almost $5 million. This is the kind of lifestyle you get to live when you abuse your children for profit under the guise of wokeness:

Luckily both parents have acquired enough wealth from this grift that they were able to purchase new homes valued at more than $2 million each. Joe is now slumming it in his $3.2 million oceanside home in Marblehead, while Mimi has settled for a modest $2.5 million home in town.

Because of the issues with the children and the divorce Mimi held off on using her children as props for a few months. But then election season came, and since she’s a wealthy foot soldier for the Democratic party, and a close personal friend of Maura Healey, she once again forced her children to canvas for the Governor-elect.


These kids know nothing about politics except what their mother has forced upon them. They have been robbed of their childhood so that she can buy ocean front mansions and get invited by prominent people to be guest speakers at fancy events. She paraded the children around without their father at the HRC gala. Notice her oldest “non-binary” daughter wore a dress, while her youngest and only remaining daughter who has not transitioned, is wearing a suit and presenting as male.

You’ll notice that Mimi presents 100% as female. She gets to be a woman, and do all the things that come naturally with that, but her children are forced to be something they’re not.

Mimi continues to use her platform to push extreme positions that marginalize conservatives, Christians, and anyone who opposes child abuse. She has a problem with coaches praying after games because it excludes atheists.

She refused to do an interview for her local newspaper about children transitioning, because they would also be showing the other side of the issue. According to Mimi “this is not a matter of opinion,” and only people like her who want to feed puberty blockers to children and cause irreversible psychological and biological damage that ends up with them trying to commit suicide, are allowed to have opinions.

She dismisses the thousands of children who regret taking irreversible puberty blockers resulting in chemical castration.

Both Lynn Classical and Lynn English High School invited her to be guest speakers to lecture children and brainwash them to believe that abusing children like she has is not only a virtuous thing to do, it’s the only correct opinion you’re allowed to have.

Why are the Lynn Public Schools inviting a child abusing Democratic activist to speak in the public schools? Why is political brainwashing allowed in taxpayer funded institutions?

She urged her followers to ruin Thanksgiving dinner by lecturing their loved ones about the importance of chemically castrating children.

Imagine being this virtuous about parenting when your children ended up in the hospital because of the psychological abuse you inflicted upon them?

She WANTS Donald Trump to get the nomination for President, because she considers Ron DeSantis to be the “real threat.”

And I 100% agree with her. The fact that Democrats want Trump to be the nominee is really all you need to know about why we need to nominate DeSantis. Trump wouldn’t touch an issue like this because he probably knows nothing about it, and will likely make his campaign entirely about how the 2020 election was stolen. DeSantis is a father of 3 young children and has proactively taken steps to ban what Mimi Lemay is doing in Florida. I want Mimi Lemay’s worst nightmare to be President.

She wrongly blamed conservatives for a gay club in Colorado getting shot up, and then stopped talking about it when the gunthey ended up being transgender.

She fear-mongered about a Daily Wire rally in Nashville to end child mutilation, because she favors child mutilation.

And the woman who acts as a spokesperson for the Democratic Party, which champions itself the part of the working class, is now using the platform she gained from abusing her children to sell $128 leggings and $98 tops.

Mimi Lemay should be in jail. Her children are victims, and her ex-husband is a coward who didn’t voice opposition to any of it until it nearly killed his daughter. I won’t remain silent like Joe Lemay did as abuse like this happens in Massachusetts.


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