Marlboro Teacher, Grafton Mom Alerts Authorities To Kids In Prom Dresses On Town Common, Refuses To Go To Work Despite Going To Protests, Terrorizes Local Businesses


Jen Vacca is a Grafton resident and Marlborough Elementary School teacher.

She’s also a mega Karen and a rabid SJW who is very vocal on social media. Last week she saw something while driving through town that horrified her.

Goodness gracious! Kids in dresses? Outdoors? Taking pictures? When will this madness end? What if they had sex? The only safe sex you can have during a pandemic is with your family!

Sometimes we jokingly say that team lockdown doesn’t want us to open up our economy or send kids back to school until there is a vaccine. But as it turns out many people actually believe this.

How many people were at this super spreader event?

16!! God save us all.

I really despise people like this with a passion because the people they’re hurting most are kids. Someone pointed this out and Jen fired back with the “muh lives” card.

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Thank God nobody ever died before COVID was a thing. Children only started losing their grandparents in nursing homes once Charlie Baker sent infected patients into them.

Another person pointed out how crazy it is for adults to be openly ratting on children for taking pictures in the public square. That didn’t go over well either.

“It takes a village.” Yea, unless John Lewis dies, or you want to protest. Then you can do whatever you want and social distancing guidelines no longer apply.

And I don’t know Jen Bonsu, but if she’s trying to say that her child became “critically ill from a virus,” and that virus is COVID, then she’s just a dog faced pony liar.

People actually wanted to report these kids to the authorities.


It’s not like going to school, getting an education, opening your business, or a $20 trillion economy are important things either. Losing all of these things are just “disappointments”

Were they socially distancing?

Stick a fork in them, they are toast.

But Jen Vacca is also a massive hypocrite considering she helped organize and participate in the BLM protest in Grafton in June.

Let’s check out if they were socially distancing then.

Of course not. But it’s OK because they had masks on right?


Oh wait, I forgot – the virus doesn’t spread if you’re holding a cardboard sign while yelling “Justice for Breonna Taylor,” despite not knowing any of the facts involved in that case. Oh well, if some old people die from COVID it will be worth it so these white people get to feel good about themselves for an afternoon. White guilt matters too.

Jen Vacca first came on my radar two months ago. She is a well-respected teacher at Jaworek Elementary School in Marlborough.

And because of that she has to watch what she says online, kind of like I did with Turtleboy when I was teaching. She has two accounts on Twitter – one using her real name, and another anonymous account where she says offensive things that could get her in trouble. She gave this away when she accidentally tweeted the same picture out from her real account that she did from her burner account @LiberalVenom.

The Liberal Venom account was used in June to attack a business owner in town who made it clear that she wouldn’t put up with rioters and looters coming to her home or business.

She actually made that screenshot her profile picture on Facebook, urged everyone to boycott the woman’s business, and even drove to the woman’s house to call her a racist.

Not only did Jen attend the BLM event, she told Grafton business owners who didn’t attend that she’d be documenting their absence and putting them on her list too.

Because she cares about black lives while living in an $800K in the almost exclusively white town of Grafton.

Others warned the business owner to be weary of this woman because she’s unstable and dangerous.

The people I spoke with in Grafton live in fear of this woman, but everything she’s saying is protected speech. It’s just the kind of speech that would get you fired if you had the wrong political leanings because it’s unbecoming.

She also used Liberal Venom account to attack Northbridge Walmart employees who didn’t force women in motorized scooters with health conditions to wear masks.

She quoted Ijueoma Oluo as a reason not to call the cops.

Despite the fact that Ijeoma is quite racist herself.

And of course she’s refusing to go back to work because she’s going to die, even though she attended BLM protests and allowed her children to as well.

This is why your kids can’t get an education right now – because selfish, uneducated political hacks like her say they’re scared. In reality these people just hate Donald Trump, and since he wants schools to reopen they have to be against that.

They are frauds, hypocrites, and certainly do not care about your kids. They would sacrifice all of them if it meant getting rid of Trump. Her conduct is unbecoming of an educator and she should resign in disgrace for being a bully, a bad role model for children, and an uneducated swine who clearly isn’t familiar with COVID data.


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