Martina Navratilova Gets Destroyed For Pointing Out That Men Beating Women Is Cheating


Tennis legend Martina Navratilova has been a pioneer for gay rights. The far left activist came out as a lesbian in the 80’s, which was much riskier to do back in the day. For further evidence of her far left politics one need only look at her Twitter feed:

Nuff said.

And we’ve seen what happens when we allow biological men to compete against women in sports. We broke the news that a Franklin Pierce male athlete became a female during senior year and just destroyed a bunch of NCAA records.

This dude is a good enough hurdler to one day make the United State Women’s Olympic team. No other media outlets picked up on this story. The fact that no one even bats an eye to this stuff anymore shows you just how bonkers society has become.

But the left loves eating their own, and lesbians have moved way down the oppression ladder, having been supplanted by transgender women, which is ironic because transgender women are men. Men have officially replaced women in the oppression Olympics. So you can imagine how this went over:

I believe this is what SJWs would call “speaking her truths.” As long as those truths were their truths, which they are not. In her op-ed Navratilova used the kryptonite of SJWs everywhere – facts and logic:

“It’s insane and it’s cheating,” Martina says in an op-ed posted in The Sunday Times. “I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair.”

Martina has become passionate about the issue after an online spat with transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon — who won the Masters Track championship in L.A. back in October. The woman who came in 3rd place, Jennifer Wagner-Assali, said the fact McKinnon was allowed to compete against women is “not fair.” Martina initially sided with Wagner-Assali — which led to McKinnon labeling the tennis great as “transphobic.”

Oh look, this dude who beat a bunch of women in cycling is upset that he’s being called out on his bullshit by a legend.

This DUDE has refused to participate in a debate with a woman’s group about whether or not he has a biological advantage over women because she refuses to give a “hate group” a platform, will not debate “transphobic” people because they are akin to flat earthers, and “there is no debate.”

I can’t believe we’re living in an era where anyone can look at that picture and say, “that’s fair.” But according to the dude who beat a bunch of women it’s not cheating.

I can’t believe we’re living in an era where it’s controversial to say that biological men have an advantage over women, but here we are. To anyone with a brain this is common sense, but just in case they wanted further validation Martina used something else the left claims to love – science.

So, Martina says she decided to dedicate months of her life to researching the topic — and now feels even STRONGER that trans women have an unfair advantage and shouldn’t be allowed to compete against cisgender women

“Simply reducing hormone levels — the prescription most sports have adopted — does not solve the problem. A man builds up muscle and bone density, as well as a greater number of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, from childhood,” Martina wrote … “Training increases the discrepancy. Indeed, if a male were to change gender in such a way as to eliminate any accumulated advantage, he would have to begin hormone treatment before puberty. For me, that is unthinkable.”

Stupid science!!

The fact of the matter is that Navratilova knows what an unfair advantage this is because she’s competed professionally as a woman her whole life. She’s not stupid, and she knows that if she had to compete against John McEnroe she wouldn’t win a game. Obviously.

The dude cyclist is out in full force, demanding that sponsors and LGBT groups drop their association with Martina, even though she is a pioneer for equality.

But none of that matters because she’s not woke enough. The transgender community matters more than anyone else to the left, and thus she has been dropped for speaking her truths.

Meanwhile this fraud chimed in.

Billie Jean King was in her 20’s when she beat Bobby Riggs, a former male tennis star in his 50’s who ripped butts and was out of shape. This somehow proved to delusional people that women were as good as men at sports.

The bottom line is this is why rational people just have to stop taking these people seriously. Their opinions don’t matter, they ignore facts, science, and logic, and they’re actively undoing decades of work by feminists so that we can cater to the delusions of mentally ill men.



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